Life's short so eat well! Il Casale [Lexington MA], Battle Road [Maynard, MA], Brewer's Fork [C'Town, MA]

Since losing a great food/drink-in-common friend a couple of weeks ago, B and I decided, fuck it, we’re gonna stop regretting and start doing.

Food-wise, that means just packing up the 2.5 yo spring onion and carting him around with or against his will.

Friday - Beautiful weather meant a bike ride up the Minuteman bike trail to Il Casale Lexington for an early dinner on the patio. The food in Belmont is better, but we can’t complain. Beautiful bread to start; perfectly-fried calamari/lemon/peppers with 2 very good sauces (1 tomatillo-ish, the other romesco-ish); meatballs (originally for spring onion but he wasn’t hungry) in a not-too-sweet tomato sauce; cute, toothsome gnocchi with smoky mozz (healthy half-portion); and gorgeous ravioli with walnut pesto for B (the half-portion was a bit on the stingy side but he supplemented with the leftover meatballs). Very dry chilled lambrusco for me and primitivo for B rounded out a rather pleasant meal.

Saturday - After a great Earth Day celebration at LexFarm, we headed out to Battle Road in Maynard. Great space in a big re-purposed mill. Spring onion was a hit in there as he strutted his stuff in the roomy space (intell for other HOs with kids)! The gorgeous Brunswick shuffleboard was a great distraction for him and mama and dada. Food and beer were also pretty good to boot. B liked the 1775 after doing a flight. I stuck with rose and sauvignon blanc. Blackened salmon BLT was very good (on beautifully grilled sourdough bread), nice deli pickle, fries, brisket sliders and fried chicken sliders for B (the latter his favorite), pretzel sticks and mac and cheese for spring onion (needless to say we still have leftovers). Laid-back friendly service. Maynard is a cool little town unbeknownst to us (though we have driven through before)! Artsy, crunchy, lots of peace flags…YES

Sunday - Took the spring onion to the USS Constitution and the USS Cassin Young because he loves big-ass boats. As do we! We walked over to Brewer’s Fork…finally. We’ve been trying to go ever since they’ve opened. Space is smaller than I expected but cool, all/family-friendly vibe. Had it been warmer, we would’ve sat on the patio. The spring veggie salad is gorgeous and delicious. Duck-fat home fries were just ok (needed salt and crispness but B didn’t want to tax the already hard-working waitron or whatever the term is these days). The fennel sausage pizza was bursting with flavor but…tip droop! GAH. My pet peeve with pizza. B didn’t mind but I wanted the margarita and he took advantage of a bathroom pit stop I took to override me. Pffft. Still, the crust further away from the center and the heel were beautifully blistered the way we both like. Roses and IPAs went down easily, especially watching the Celts take game 1.

Edited to add: We stopped at Verrill Farm on our way home from Maynard and Whole Foods C’Town today. It was a food-centric weekend!


I love hearing your reports of Spring Onion’s adventures (remembering when he met our former president when he was president). We’ve been to Brewers Fork many times but not lately (we live nearby). Didn’t like the crust droop so don’t get pizza last few times, but do like the salads and vegetables. Rosé always good (my favorite since I can’t eat and drink beer at the same time). Very family friendly and I do love kid watching there (our special needs teen stays at home).

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Awesome report, digga. I was in need of a bit of a lift, and this was perfect.

We haven’t made it to Battle Road yet, but it’s on our list. We love the mills in that area. My son is a craft beer fanatic and we used to live in Acton, right next to Maynard, so we’ll make it there soon. Maynard is a cool little town.

We’ve been to Brewer’s Fork a couple of times and enjoyed it. It’s always been there in a group of six or so, so I’m not sure I can fairly critique the flop in the crust, but we’ve enjoyed our meals and the whole vibe. The clam pizza was pretty awesome when we had it. I like the char on the crust as well.

I’m looking to stop at Verrill on my way home from work fairly soon. They are awesome when the local veggies become available. Their crops are fabulous.

Here’s raising a glass to the joys of not regretting and just doing, with so many riches in our lives. And to spring onions. Tis the season.


Great report.

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love Verrill Farm…their own produce, the other produce they stock, and the cheese and prepared foods they make themselves and source from others. I wish I lived closer by. I’d go several times a week.

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great weekend report. Thanks!

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Great report, thanks for giving me/us a nice way to start off the week. Sorry for your loss.

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Thanks Digga, this is the stuff that makes HO tick. Looking forward to future reports.

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Just wanted to report back that Battle Road has closed (I think as of 2 weeks ago or so).

It had been on a downhill slide for its’ last year in operation so I guess it wasn’t a big surprise. Still, B was very bummed out when I told him. I’ll be curious to see what goes into that big space.

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