Life Beyond Tacos? The Tortas, Delicious Soups, Outstanding Flautas and Breakfast Burritos at Angry Egret Dinette [Thoughts + Pics]

I have a foot fetish :pensive:


Christmas Tamales - Duck Tamale:

@ipsedixit’s inquiry for Christmas Tamales spurred us to pick up a dozen from Angry Egret Dinette in time for the holidays. :slight_smile: I’ve never had Chef Wes’ Tamales before while he was at Guerrilla Tacos, so I was curious and hopeful.

Unfortunately the Duck Tamales were just OK. They weren’t bad, but there was way more Masa than filling (the ratio felt off), and so it tasted like you were eating mainly Masa with a bit of Duck. The Duck in Salsa Roja was also a bit one note, mainly a basic Chile flavor coming through.

6th Visit:

The Atwater Breakfast Burrito (Shiitake Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Braised Leeks, Scrambled Eggs, Swiss Cheese, Salsa China):

As wonderful as the first time we tried it! A fragrant, balanced Breakfast Burrito, with juicy, Soft Scrambled Eggs, earthy Shiitake Mushrooms, fragrant Roasted Peppers and Braised Leeks that really elevate the whole thing. :heart:

(New) Roy & Jon Burrito (Burrito with Adobo Duck Neck, Kimchi Omelette, White Rice, Shishito Peppers and Salsa Macha):

The new Roy & Jon Burrito is Chef Wes Avila’s tribute / homage to his time cooking with Chef Roy Choi and actor Jon Favreau on Netflix’s The Chef Show. It generally works. The Adobo Duck Neck meat is surprisingly the least interesting part of the Burrito, it’s a bit tough (slightly) and meaty, the Adobo flavors are a bit tame, but complement the rest of the ingredients.

But it’s the Kimchi Omelette, Shishito Peppers and Chef Avila’s Salsa Macha that shine here and overall it makes for a tasty Burrito, but their Atwater and Hey Porky’s Burritos are better.

(Special) Menudo (Traditional Mexican Menudo Soup with Tripe, Beef Feet and Hominy in a Savory Guajillo Chile Broth. Garnish of Mejorado Flour Tortilla, Cilantro, Onions, Oregano, Chile Flakes and Lime):

The new Weekend Special of Menudo Soup is a standout: A stunningly deep, slow-cooked Beef & Guajillo Chile Broth is one of the most flavorful, nourishing Menudo Broths I’ve ever had! :heart: It is perfect for these chilly Winter days and has a good beefy, warming Chile heat in each sip.

The Tripe is very tender, but there was very little of the Pata (Stewed Beef Foot), but that’s probably just part of the randomness (in a large soup pot). The Cilantro, Onion, Oregano, Chile Flake and Lime garnish really provides the perfect herbal and bright spike to each sip that makes Angry Egret’s version a standout Menudo and one of the best in the city right now! :blush:

(Special) Lamb Torta “Dip” with Au Jus:

But an even greater surprise is Chef Avila’s new menu Special: The Lamb Torta Dip. He was posting pictures of slow-roasting an entire Lamb and breaking it down, and the result is a stunning masterpiece! Succulent, juicy, lightly gamy, but luscious Roasted Lamb with Salsa Macha, Chipotle Horseradish, Fresno Chilies, Salsa China, Avocado and Cilantro combines to make the most amazing Lamb Sandwich I’ve ever had! :heart: :blush: :heart:

But it gets better: Chef Avila serves it with a side of his Housemade Lamb Consomme, which you can sip and enjoy on the side as you eat the Lamb, like a traditional Barbacoa de Borrego meal, or it’s served in a wide enough container that you can dip the Lamb Torta into it like a French Dip Sandwich! :open_mouth:

The result is stupid good: This is also the best Lamb French Dip Sandwich I’ve ever had! :heart: Don’t miss this @ipsedixit (since you had enjoyed The Briks’ (RIP) Lamb French Dip back in the day, this is even better!). :blush: (@paranoidgarliclover @attran99 @ColinMorey @Porthos @A5KOBE @JeetKuneBao @sck and others.)

Angry Egret Dinette looks like it’s continuing to find its solid foundation, with Chef Wes Avila diving more into his culinary and cultural heritage, bringing in great flavor combinations and wonderful recipes. His current hits are far more interesting and delicious than the Grand Opening menu, and we’re starting to see that spark that made his previous endeavor at Guerrilla Tacos shine.

Don’t miss out on his Pozole Verde, Menudo, Pied de Cochon Torta (Stewed Pork Shoulder wrapped in Stewed Pork Foot Sandwich), his Breakfast Burritos like the Atwater and Hey Porky’s, but especially the new Lamb Torta Dip.

Angry Egret Dinette
(in Mandarin Plaza)
970 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Instagram for New Menu Updates:


Hi @bbqboy,

We managed to get a minute to chat with Chef Avila about your question this past weekend. :slight_smile: Their Salsa China is made of Crushed Chinese Chilies and Guajillo Chilies as the base ingredients. Thanks.

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I’m really glad that they’re experimenting and refining. Not only should it ultimately result in better food, it also keeps curious people like you coming back to try the latest.

Having frequent menu changes forces relatively simple recipes, to not overwork everyone. Simple is usually the right way. Complex can be good, but it takes a lot of practice on the same dish.

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Thanks :blush:

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Stopped by to try this place out finally.

Grabbed the pork foot torta and it was awesome. Love the bread, so soft and fluffy yet nice crunch from being grilled on the inside. The pig foot had a lovely texture and the flavor was a pork bomb! The habanero mustard was pretty spicy, definitely has more than a kick. The acidity provided a nice relief to the rich pork flavor.

Got the broccolini and squash blossom torta as well, beautifully executed and a nice lighter option.

And last but not least, the duck mole flauta which was awesome. Nice crunchy texture and the duck and mole were so flavorful. I thought this was going to be very spicy, but it wasn’t so bad, just enough heat but not overwhelming.

We ate it on the benches in Mandarin Plaza so it was hot and fresh. My brother had the porky breakfast burrito and thought it was good, but liked the duck mole flauta more.

We naturally bang banged with Phoenix Bakery for some strawberry cake afterwards.



So glad you liked Angry Egret Dinette. :slight_smile: Looks like you were able to try some of the highlights on the menu (and better options). :wink: The Pied de Cochon (Stewed Pork Shoulder & Stewed Pork Foot) Torta is definitely awesome! :blush:

And it looks like Chef Wes changed it up and the Flauta now uses Duck! Nice. :slight_smile: The OG version with Beef Machaca was also quite tasty.

Hopefully he brings back his Whole Roasted Lamb Torta Dip (w/ Lamb Consomme) soon. So delicious! (And his amazing Pozole Verde.)


PSA: on their IG, they are planning on having a pastrami special this weekend with beef navel (beef belly).

Hopefully they have the pozole verde as well!



Wow this looks amazing! :slight_smile: Thanks for the 411, and also I think they might have Pozole Verde. :slight_smile:

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Update 2:

La Luz (Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower Tea) and Honey Agua Fresca):

For those that haven’t tried it, Chef Avila’s Aguas Frescas drinks at his previous restaurant, Guerrilla Tacos, were generally fantastic. Balanced, not overly sweet, full of fresh ingredients, so it was great to see Chef Avila start making Aguas Frescas here at Angry Egret.

The La Luz is his Housemade Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower Tea) with Honey and slight effervescence, and it is wonderful! :heart: Lightly sweet, refreshing, balanced and with some light fizziness.

(Special) Pork & Potato Tangoons (6 Mini Tacos Deep Fried, Served with Thai Town Salsa):

A new menu item, Chef Avila is doing his take on a Rangoon appetizer, but using Mini Tacos deep fried instead. The result tastes like you’re eating Taquitos, a really crunchy exterior and a tasty Pork & Potato filling. The Thai Town Salsa however is a bit disappointing. It’s a very salty (shockingly so, since Chef Avila is very good about not making dishes that are over seasoned), slightly sweet concoction that just overpowers the Tangoons.

(Special) Calamari (Local Calamari Appetizer, Cooked with Butter, Garlic, Chiltepin Chile and Lime):

This was a nice briny dish, the local Calamari had a strong (but pleasant) ocean flavor, sauteed in Squid Guts and Butter, Garlic and the Chiltepin Chile gave it a nice fragrant kick.

(Special) Pozole Verde (Green Pozole, Pork Shoulder, Hominy, Radish, Cabbage, Lime and Tostadas):

Chef Wes brought back one of the best menu items this past week: His Pozole Verde! The beautiful Mexican Soup with a Pork Shoulder base was so flavorful, nuanced, and warming. The Hominy, Cabbage, Radish and Lime added a nice accent. The Pork Shoulder was a touch too lean this time, and they decided to skip the Pork Foot in this week’s version which was disappointing, as it added a nice fattiness to balance out the leanness.

Still, even without the Pata (Stewed Pork Foot), this Pozole Verde’s flavor is easily one of the best locally right now. :blush:

Another Visit:

We stopped in today since Angry Egret Dinette was debuting 3 new specials this week and wanted to see how they turned out. :slight_smile:

(Special) The Mayor Burrito (Beef Gyro Meat, Potato, Kalamata Olives, Cucumber, Feta, Tomato, Red Onions, Jalapenos, Sumac, Tzatziki):

Chef Wes shared that this was a homage to his previous visit to Greece, and The Mayor Burrito definitely delivers in that area: The zesty, meaty, but tender Beef Gyro Meat is the foundation, but then you get some of the French Fried Potato goodness, the briny, delicious Kalamata Olives, some refreshing Cucumber, the pungent tangy funk of good Feta Cheese, some spiciness from the Jalapenos and mellowed out by the Tzatziki Sauce. :slight_smile:

(Special) Tata Ben Pastrami Sandwich (Housemade Pastrami Sandwich served with Whole Grain Mustard and Housemade Pickles):

But we were most excited about trying Chef Wes’ new Housemade Pastrami (thanks to @A5KOBE for the news update). :slight_smile: Could this be a new contender for Pastrami greatness in L.A.? Taking a bite:

There’s a reason that after all these years, Langer’s Pastrami Sandwich is still the reigning champ. So many restaurants have tried and failed, and Angry Egret’s version falls short as well. :frowning: Great Pastrami takes years to master. This Pastrami is a thick cut variety, it’s slightly tender, but still has some meaty chew to it. The flavor is salty, peppery, but that’s about it. The use of the Bolillo Bread (same Bread for all the Tortas) is a disappointment as it’s a bit dry and doesn’t feel like a good match for Pastrami.

To be fair, this isn’t a “bad” Pastrami Sandwich at all, but it falls far short of Langer’s legendary Pastrami Sandwich, and behind that, Ugly Drum’s Pastrami (even though their QPR is terrible), the flavor is still there. It’s certainly better than many hole-in-the-wall places, but it just doesn’t reach the heights of greatness.

Lamb Torta (Whole Roasted Lamb Torta served with Lamb Jus, Onion & Cilantro, Avocado, Fresno Chile, Salsa Macha, Whole Grain Mustard, Chipotle Dressing):

But the highlight would have to be the Lamb Torta being added back on the menu! :blush: And it’s not listed under “Specials” anymore! :open_mouth: Here’s to hoping it’s really a permanent menu option because this 2nd time trying the new Lamb Torta was as spectacular as the first time:

Tender, lush, moist Roasted Lamb meat that has a beautiful light gaminess, is accentuated by Chef Avila’s Salsa Macha (delicious, fragrant), Fresno Chilies, the Whole Grain Mustard and Chipotle Dressing balancing out the Roasted Lamb, but the key is the ridiculous Lamb Jus, which is basically the most incredible Barbacoa de Borrego (Pit Roasted Lamb) Consomme we’ve had in recent memory! :heart: It’s like the distillation of glorious Roasted Lamb in every sip, not too salty, gamy, bursting with herbs and spices and good, pure stewed flavor.

And as before, you can dip the Lamb Torta in, so it’s like a “French Dip Sandwich” and it makes it even more incredible! :heart: :blush: :heart: (or you can just sip the Consomme while you eat the Lamb Torta.) It is Angry Egret’s star item right now (along with the Pied de Cochon (Stewed Pork Shoulder Wrapped in Stewed Pork Foot Sandwich)! Don’t miss this. :blush: (@ipsedixit @paranoidgarliclover @ColinMorey @A5KOBE @attran99 and others.)

Angry Egret Dinette
(in Mandarin Plaza)
970 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tel: (213) 278-0987

Instagram for New Menu Updates:


I’ll just note that I once bought a jar of locally famous pickles, very popular and extremely highly regarded. They were disgusting, so salty my teeth hurt.

I was scared for must have been two years. :laughing:

I bought another jar and they were absolutely perfect, best pickles I ever ate. Obviously someone didn’t know that the first batch I got was already salted, and put the salt in again. Double salt pickles are not very good. :laughing:

It may have been an accident on the day, is what I was trying to say.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold