I posted this on the NJ board because we have a few Lidls springing up, but I’ll also share it here:

An example of the insistent 24 / 7 news cycle?

In NC groceries can only sell beer and wine. Are sales of spirits allowed in your Lidl location?

I need a list for when I travel!

Sadly, no…the ABC laws in NJ are awful for consumers (I know that @NotJrvedivici knows more about this than I do).
Just this week I saw a post from Misunderstood Whiskey (GINGER-infused!) on Instagram about a promo they have going at Costco. The post was targeted to NJ residents and I DM’d them to say that some of us don’t have access to wines/spirits at Costco stores in NJ because of the ABC rules. SO–unless someone knows differently, you may not find anything depending upon which Lidl location you hit in the Garden State!

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FWIW - my knowledge is more with consumption licenses vs. package. However to answer your question no, convenience store, super markets and/or gas stations cannot sell packaged goods here.

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