Lidl - Deals, yea/meh/nay and observations

I got a $10 off 50 coupon mailed to my house!

Ditto. My wife stuck it on the frig and drew a big smiley face on it!

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Interesting news here:

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Ooh, very spy vs spy. I was also fascinated to discover that there is a website called

I had not known about that site either. A local news story about the law suit linked to it. The ex-Aldi employees show an amazing lack of integrity. While Lidl may find it useful at the moment eventually they will wonder when she might sell them out. The whole thing does give me pause about Lidl’s moral compass.

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What a bummer to learn about the lawsuit. Ugh.

The walnut bread in fresh bakery toasted with a slice of their petite blue cheese is one favs. Just bought papayas, the chinese slaw kit is terrific for a quick coleslaw.

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This stuff (corporate info leaks)happens all the time, although not often as brazen as openly emailing stuff from the office computer.

The problem is that how do you unlearn something once you’ve learnt it? Lidl can delete the original files, but those who have seen them have no way of deleting them deom their brains, which opens a whole new set od ethical issues.

Easy. You keep your mouth shut. Sharing information you know is a choice.

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My point is that if you’re making a decision about, say, a location…the data says put it at A.

But you already have seen some of the info from the competition that trumps the data and makes A a bad decision.

It would be equally irresponsible to knowingly make a bad decision because you ignored pertinent information.

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The lawsuit points to how that information was obtained.
It will be interesting to learn which perspective wins in court.

Either way, an employee from company A leaves to join competitor B and shares company A’s private data to the extent that a lawsuit is filed may demonstrate more about the employee than the employer.

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I’ve tried two different fresh meats recently and was quite pleased with both.

The first was their meatloaf mix : beef, pork, veal grind. I don’t reacall the % of each type or the fat content of the beef. It made a tender meatloaf with no sign of bone “grit” that I’ve experienced on occasion with inexpensive grinds. A package was under $5 and made a smallish loaf which filled 1/2 of a loaf pan.

Tonight I tried their boneless lamb roast. It is on special this week , discounted $3/lb at the register which made it $4.99/lb. I purchased the smallest I could find which weighed in at 3.87 lb. This was nicely cut and tender as can be. I think I like this brand better than the one at Costco. This was Halal certified too if that is important to you.

I have had to return several items. There has been no issue with it, honestly, the clerks don’t seem the least bit concerned and have zero interest in what was wrong with the food.

Items I returned due to quality were cooking oil (rancid) and pork tenderloin ( very weird liverish flavor).

Non-food: if anyone has babies or toddlers their clothing is really cute, practical and nicely priced!

@gracieggg what do you do with the papayas?

Well. They rarely make it past just eating straight. A perfectly ripe papaya is one of my favorite things. The only other thing I’ve been doing lately is freezing it in chunks and then blending it with a little milk to make a whipped ice creamy sort of a thing.

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Oooooh that sounds amazing!!

Smaller sized papayas avail now. Perfect for filling with seafood salad or too grilled.

I noticed in refrig case small cans of pineapple and pineapple mango juice that are perfect size for one shot marinades and cocktails so I nabbed a few.

Grabbed a few indiv cheese breads in the bakery that are great warmed through.

The last time I did a price comparison between the two (admittedly a small list, and a couple of years ago), Stop&Shop was 50% higher on everything I compared. E.g., non-fat hot chocolate, store-brand, was $1.59 in ShopRite and $2.39 in Stop&Shop.

I have never bought premade packages of hot chocolate.
So sure ymmv.

I find for the things we buy, both grocers offer deals within a few cents. Eggs, butter, bread, chicken parts.