Lidl - Deals, yea/meh/nay and observations


(Dan) #21

I bought one under ripe because I won’t use it until Thurs. Nice and heavy though, good size.


I stopped by Lidl today. No uncooked duck offered - frozen or refrigerated. But there were still plenty of the roasted half ducks!


My Lidl has been open for about 18 months. Recent changes:

*4 self service check out areas where 2 cashier lines had been.
*a dedicated “clearance” area for non-perishables in the front where a cashier line had been
*removal of recycling bins
*lamb is back! Looks like it’s absence was a change in producer. New lamb is halal - I had never noticed the designation on the lamb they used to carry.
*big reset in frozen foods resulting in what looks to be a much larger selection of pizza
*new good sized refrigerated area devoted to heat and serve side dishes. Might be just for Christmas , time will tell.

(Dan) #24

Alot of your observations are already a part of the new layout at the store that opened here in NJ. Except self check out, right now every line is manned.

The fresh papaya was outstanding. I made breakfast drinks with it.

The duck eggrolls came out great too. What a timesaver buying duck legs at Lidl.

They sell tomato paste in a small resealable jar. Very handy.

Took my son over to the store since he shopped Lidl France a few yrs back and he was impressed with the new jersey store.


I am obsessed over these papayas. It will be a sad day when I can’t get them anymore.

I get into these fruit things during the winter where I feel cold and dry. Last winter, navel oranges. Winter before, pomellos. YUM. I LOVE pomellos.


Do they have lamb ribs? If so, any clue what they cost for a rack? Thanks


They had lamb 4 ways. Grind approx 6.99/lb, ribs 11.99/lb I think. There were also leg and chops (the thinner cut istr).

For my area the grind was priced really good. The other cuts seemed on par with Costco if my memory can be trusted.

(Dan) #28

Picked up quite a bit of lamb today along with whole pineapples, pomms, papaya, frozen fruit, B sprouts, eggs, peppers, bananas and a variety of cheeses and dried sausage. Finally used the grand opening coupon, $10 off order they handed out weeks ago and left with another $5. Off at checkout. I deleted the Lidl phone app; too many emails. But I’m there at least 1x a week.


I purchased a pork tenderloin yesterday at Lidl. It was on markdown with a sell date of today. I cooked it tonight and it had a vague liverish flavor.

There had been no odor, the texture was good, no blood spots in the meat. My cooking method was a brief browning in butter then a very short braise to finish cooking.

Any ideas why this can happen?