LexFarm [Lexington MA]

Apologies if I’ve already posted this but I’m going through my recent photos and I think I forgot to post my Lex Farm haul from a couple of weeks ago. The farm stand has some really awesome products this year. They’re not inexpensive but we’re fortunate to be able to spend a good chunk of our income on local food and beer and not local wine. And, of course, assorted Spring Onion-friendly foods.

I go nearly twice a week during the summer. They have limited hours now (only Fridays and Saturdays) and I couldn’t make it this week, which makes me sad.


First Lexfarm visit of the year today. Farm strawberries, Bread Obsession sunflower seed sourdough, Sfoglini rye trumpet pasta, beautiful broccolini, and an outsized head of tender lettuce. I feel somewhat alive again.