Lewiston, ME recs

A friend of mine is moving to Lewiston, Maine. I’d love to give her some places to try - nothing fancy, just good. Your recommendations will be appreciated - thanks!

I saw this article recently and it specifically mentioned Lewiston Maine!

Maine: Somali cuisine

Drive away from Maine’s popular coast and you’ll find so much more than lobster rolls and fried clams. Since 2000, more than 10,000 Somali refugees have settled around Lewiston, Maine. With them came flaky fried sambusas (savory stuffed pastries), thick seafood stews, and muufo (corn flatbread), fusing local ingredients with traditional flavors and recipes. On Lisbon Street, locals hang around Baraka or Mama Shukri’s Mogadishu Store for lunch of bariis ishkukaris, a spicy fried rice, or sit down at Heritage Restaurant for owner Firdosa Ali’s braised goat ribs doused with a bright chimichurri-like sauce and a twist of lime. If you can, catch Isuken Co-Op’s food truck on Sundays at the Lewiston Farmers’ Market dishing out freshly made anjero flatbreads and farm-to-table vegetable stew. “[Somali] people are coming together as a community again,” says Muhadin Libah, program manager for the Somali Bantu Community Association. “For us, Maine is home.” —Kayla Voigt


Thanks so much! I will pass this along.

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