Let's talk yakitori (NYC)

My experiences of yakitori-ya (焼き鳥屋) in NYC is limited, but I love a good yakitori-ya where the food is expertly grilled, the ambiance makes me forget that I am not in Japan, that I get to watch the grillmaster expertly work the grill right in front of me and I smell like yakitori all over afterwards and have to launder all my clothes. Yes I am partial to sitting right in front of the grill or not at all and shoving the yakitoris into my mouth 2 seconds after they leave the grill.

My experience is limited to Taisho but I have heard great things about Torishin. What are folks’ favorites of yakitori-ya? Or yakitoris in izakayas and restaurants? What makes you love them? Would love to hear your preferences! Thanks.

I love yakitori totto- it’s certainly more “fancy” than yakitori taisho, but the menu is expansive, (including some odd chicken parts i never realized people ate!) great service, you’re not on top of the next table, even when busy you can have a conversation without screaming. Note i am vegetarian and have been thrilled the the veg yakitori, but every time i go it is with omnis who are always enthusiastic about the meal.
Sake bar hagi has a good selection of yakitori too, i love the ginko nuts and mushrooms, and the later at night you go the better. Great menu of izakaya dishes and extensive sake list- expect a lot of japanese business men in the crowd.

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Thanks! Do you mean fancy as in the decor is more so?

Do you mean the organs?

Fancy like it’s better decor and servithan yakitori taisho or those places on st mark’s, like take the parents vs out with friends :wink:
And yeah, not sure i realized anyone ate much less would skewar and grill those chicken organs…!

Not applicable to you- but those organs grilled are super!

Off topic- One of my gripes buying birds here is they don’t come with the organs like in other countries.