Let's talk jerky

All things jerky…let’s do it :slight_smile: recipes/marinades, meat cuts/species, wood types, brands, storage, etc

What has everyone been eating lately? What are your favorite local store brands and any good deals on amazon?

@bbqboy @joonjoon I think you guys might be speaking my language here

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Our local purveyors. I’ve had none better,
Though l bet there’s other good ones out there. If jerky could be described as succulent then that’s what this is.


Some walk on the wild side and surprise flavors but when I crave jerky its always Dukes.

I have to research this. I trust your style :slight_smile:

@Rooster are these around nj? I’m always ready to try some locally available meat.

7-11and WaWa sell Dukes. Check Quick Check too

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I will have to check that out. I pick up jack links 8oz bags for half price at my local CVS…good deal! Buy one get one. It isn’t the best but at the price I think it is a decent deal.

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I would recommend the House of Jerky in New Hope, PA for anyone looking to go wild. Their prices are exorbitant but if you want to try oddities and bizarre meats, it would be the place.

Aside from the usuals like beef or turkey, they offer alligator, venison, kangaroo, buffalo, ostrich, and a few others depending on the season. I’ve had the kangaroo one and it wasn’t bad. Just keep in mind you will be paying a minimum of $8 for a piece of meat that is only a few bites worth.

Golden Island. Now owned by Hillshire but I haven’t seen where they’ve changed anything. Costco carries the Korean BBQ variant.

What Costco do you go to? I want to try that Korean version out.

I like Mahogany smoked meats in Bishop Ca. Long ago I used to buy it from their little store but now I buy it on line. It is the only jerky I really buy unless I make it myself. I usually get the slab pepper. People who like it soft would like the brisket jerky. Their Indian jerky is also good and unique. It is very dry and really chewy. Great for chewing on the trail. I do not like most commercial jerky because it is too soft and sweet. I would make my own if I had a better food dehydrator and if I did not like Mahogany’s so much.

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I was gifted and enjoyed some house of jerky from Morro Bay ca. Its label and the website of the company implied that it was locally made. The person who gave it to me was under that impression as well. I liked it enough to consider buying some but when I looked up house of jerky I found a bunch of house jerky locations. I don’t really care where it is made but it did annoy me that they were being somewhat dishonest. Do you think this is the same company? www.morrobayjerky.com If so, I agree that it is good. Very similar to my favorite mahogany smoked meats in flavor and texture except mahogany is a bit thicker and they do not cut the pieces so small.

You sound like you really know your jerky! I will have to check those out.

It appears this is a chain but not the same one you mentioned. I could be wrong. See here https://houseofjerky.net/contact-us/store-locations/

What are your favorites there? Looks really interesting, except for the “half the salt” one lol. That’s no fun !


Steak strips and the elk is tasty too.
They’ve been at it a fair while.

Nice. I’ve usually get some elk jerky when I go up to lake George in ny. I’m not sure why it is there but I like it and they have some other interesting jerky.

Any matador fans? I like their product. Yes it is now distributed, or perhaps owned by frito lay, but I like the tenderness for when I need some protein and don’t want a harder chew (for example fishing, hiking, camping etc is a time for a tougher chew imo)

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I have always loved jerky. My father used to make it and his is the best. He used tons of fresh herbs like oregano, marjoram and black pepper. The best in the world! If he was feeling better I would consider asking to make me some as a Christmas present, he has not made it for many years :frowning: He only made it for backpacking trips.

That is the site where I figured out that it was not really locally made unless it is made on site using the recipe from whichever was the original. That is a possibility. I might be driving by there sometime soon. Maybe I’ll go in and ask them if I have the time. After all jerky is great road food.


You left out expensive and disgusting. We sell some of this junk at work and a co-worker let me try some. It was all of the above.

I’m spoiled living in Texas but I have to drive about an hour to get the real deal. This place ships.

It could be the same but it could also be two different businesses both named “House of Jerky”. I am not sure.

I go to a bunch of different ones and they all carry it. Old Bridge, Hazlet, Edison, North Brunswick. $11.99 a bag. Sometimes they give an instant $3 rebate but I haven’t seen that in a while.

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