Let's talk crab [NJ]


Once in D.C. I ordered the soft shell crab special and the waiter tripped on the way to my table, spilling the order. One landed on the floor, and two in my Stetson fedora (it was upside down on the banquette). He said he’d replace the order and would I give him the two from my hat? I said I’d keep those and he could bring me a fresh order. The only time I had enough soft shell crab. (I live in San Francisco.)

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You know, I think we may have missed it:

Crabfest® Is Back At Red Lobster®


Limited-time Event Features the Largest Selection of Crab Options

Orlando, Fla. (July 11, 2016) – Red Lobster’s Crabfest is back! For a limited time, guests can enjoy the largest variety of crab dishes ever offered on the menu, including four types of wild-caught crab, new crab preparations and new seafood combinations. With more crab choices than ever before, there’s a perfect option for everyone. https://www.redlobster.com/crabfest

CJ, if you click on the link you could win dinner with Captain Sig !!!

There is also an on line game you can play, the Crabber Challenge:



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The game is actually kind of fun, you want to get the brown suckers to get a high score. If you click on hard they move pretty fast.

However you click on the other links and they all lead to shrimp fest.

Could be time for a new thread CJ…


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I went to Red Lobster (dont’ remember why) in the past couple years, I did order one of the items that came with a cluster of crab legs, I honestly felt sorry for the poor Pee-Wee Herman crab legs they served me. Honestly they were the smallest wimpiest (snow?) crab legs I had ever seen in my life. I felt guilty eating them, regardless I still ate them, but I felt bad.z


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Sounds like infanticide !

There goes the ole the sustainability pledge…



Well I was supposed to crab tonight but someone bailed on me :confused:

I’d love to meet sig…big fan of his.

Why aren’t dungie dishes more popular around here? Those things rock n roll out west. Yes I realize there are transportation costs but lobsters are somewhat common out west.

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They had Dungeness at the Costco seafood roadshow in Neptune last Thursday, $ 7.99 a lb.

I like em better than Maryland crabs, then meat is sweeter and there is more of it. The knuckles are really good.

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I’m splitting hairs here but if you gave me a giant pile of blueclaw meat I think I’d take that over the same pile of dungie. Obviously dungie meat is much easier to get so that is part of the fun, but straight up blue claw meat is freaking delicious.

I remember like a decade ago we hammered crab and had more than we knew what to do with. I sat there shelling crab after crab until I had this giant plate of meat…a monster stack! It took me quite a few beers and probably 1.5 hours to do. When done I used a fork and ate it with old bay and butter. Definitely a memorable night. I have a pic somewhere but this was pre-camera phone days really. That took a ton of will power to not eat them as I went along.


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I think the best crab is the freshest crab. We are prolly going crabbing tomorrow, so it could be we get the Jersey crabs. Watch out Sebastian.

Gotta say though that whether swedish, dungy, blue, king, snow, jonah, or stoners, it’s all good.


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Have to add that I like mine steamed in water with garlic, a bay leaf, a little vermouth and a slice of lemon added.

I’m not a big fan of old bay, unless it’s in crab cakes.



My uncle netted 36 nice males Thursday night. I was going to go last night with him but it was too hot. He kept 35 hard shells and ditched all the tinny/female ones. he got one softie.

It’s kind of frantic crabbing. We fish a spot we call the cabbage patch. At low tide you can often hammer crabs so fast that you just chuck everything in the back of the row boat. So it’s filled with a mixed bag of crabs, seaweed and mud. Once done you cull the females, anything semi legal and tin. The boat is a disaster by the end of the night lol. I’ll get some pics up. It could be on dirty jobs but if you want massive piles of crab, this is how it’s done.

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Viking did you get out?

I fished sat night at the cabbage patch and we kept 22 I believe after we culled some


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Too windy esp in am, we are going tomorrow instead.



Yeah I was going to ask where you fished if you did get out. That west wind was cranking.

We didn’t do too well but got some…a lot of work fishing the cabbage patch. I was filthy. I need to experiment with that recipe you mentioned. Do you have any measurements? I suppose I can just wing it lol


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We will be on the Navesink tomorrow, we’ve had some good luck even crabbin off the dock lately.


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The ones in the foil are soft shells.


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can I humbly ask where to get best Crab cakes around these parts (Monmouth county)?? I assume it’s not in fact Red Lobster…



good job Viking.

@Metsfan86 my vote is copper canyon


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Dredged the soft shells in a little flour, sauteed and drizzled them with garlic butter.

The wife got all of them and said they were delishus.


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@Metsfan86, Drew’s Bayshore Bistro and Belford Bistro serve excellent crab cakes.