Let's talk crab [NJ]

(Tom T) #262

Personal preference, but I never clean mine. Out of the bucket, in the pot, steam/boil, Layer with your Old Bay/crab spice if you like (and are steaming). eat warm. Eat leftovers cold.

(Roland) #263

I think the whole putting in an ice chest and seasoning after the boil is blasphemy.

I boil after icing the crabs down so they don’t throw off the claws.

Bring back to a boil and let soak for 30 minutes.
Eat them hot, no butter no sauces etc.

(Roland) #264

Oh, I season the water with zatarains powder, liquid crab boil. Onions, celery, lemons and throw in potatoes, garlic and mushrooms


Cool sub topic!

The recipe can’t get simpler for me. The shell comes off and they are gutted before cooking.

Steam them in old bay and cut the water with some vinegar, preferably cider… and there you have it lol. I try to put them in layers in the pot, back facing up, and season with more old bay so you get some on each crab in the body cavity. They are still kind of alive so they move around some.

Let them air dry for an hour or so… Then I pop them in the fridge for an hour or two to let the meat firm up and come out of the shell better. Pretty simple

I’ve tried all different things to add to the boil and don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to play chef and make it seem like I am the wizard of the kitchen. However, after trying so many things I think I personally just like to keep it simple. Sure, I do throw in some things once in a while but I think it’s mental. The flavor profile doesn’t change at all. Old bay is powerful stuff and dominates the boil…at least with the amount I use :slight_smile:


I can’t say I’ve ever had a fried crab. I will have to try this soon. There isn’t much food that doesn’t come out great deep fried!


They’re seasoned before boiling and after when placed hot in an ice chest. Try it, you’ll like it.

(Roland) #268

I know the technique and I am not a fan, putting seasoning on the outside after the fact adds nothing except seasoning on your hands.
But to each his own.

(YcF) #269

100% correct, the more roe the better.


I disagree, you can definitely taste the seasonings which is different from the boil.

I’ll do this next time I cook crabs and if I can’t taste it I’ll confess.

(Roland) #271

I am not saying you can’t taste the seasoning, because it’s all over everything, I meant it doesn’t add anything to the meat itself, and if the water is seasoned properly and they soak that is all you need.


Cool article https://www.google.com/amp/www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/dining/bs-fo-crab-challenge-20110718-story,amp.html


Yes, I did that last weekend and it was delicious as I have been boiling crabs all my life but these are seasoned differently and I happen to enjoy them as does my picky friend.


Well I think the season might be over after this terrible week of weather. I love September and local summer isn’t really turning out to be a good one :confused:

Is anyone optimistic we might see more crab?

(Greg Caggiano) #275

I’ll be seining Friday with a school group (weather permitting) so I can give you an update.

But yes, local summer has SUCKED. My time off the last two weeks has been relegated to being indoors.


Thanks Greg. Let me know how it works out. If you need a fellow crabber, let me know.

Next up is clam season so I might have to start a new thread :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to read about clamming! I have nice memories of clamming in the Cape Cod bays with my aunt as a kid. And frequently would forget how much shorter I was than her and end up with my whole head in the water. I will eagerly wait for the new thread!

(Joon) #278

Yo CJ have you ever had or heard of Korean raw marinated crab? You should try making a batch if there’s any more crabbing to be had. It’s one of the most glorious dishes to ever exist.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk57fSQpvrE in case you’re interested.


Nice. Hopefully I can get some more next weekend.

(Greg Caggiano) #280

HUNDREDS of baby crabs today, but no keepers.


That bodes well for the future. Glass half full.