Let's talk crab [NJ]


We call them dirty down in Texas but definitely more meat. There’s nothing more frustrating than popping open a large clean male and it’s half full or less of meat. Give me a medium rusty anytime.

(Gary ) #202

Best restaurant that you know of that has crab on their menu, guessing most will be in South Jersey. Thanks in advance.


What crab species? I know we have been talking blue claw lately. I don’t know of too many blue crab spots in nj. I guess I don’t seek them out since I catch them. Hopefully some people will have some good reommendations. There are some ayce snow crab buffets around.

(Gary ) #204

Definitely Blue Claws, have the snow crab at AC casinos all the time.


I’m drawing a blank. I never really eat blue claw out at restaurants, but I’d like to hear what you find out.

(Tom T) #206

Not NJ, but MD.

We had an overnight trap that got baited on Monday and after 5 nice sized males escaped by Tuesday night, I fixed the trap and we had a half dozen to make sauce with on Saturday.

Went to a local crabhouse to celebrate the wedding of one of my cousins. Here we feasted on the MD specialty…or at least I did. I knocked down a solid dozen and could have stayed longer if the rest of my family wasn’t staring at me. :smiley:

If you find yourself in the Pasadena MD area, I can’t recommend Cheshire crab house enough. Solid food, not just the crabs. Great little venue in a marina, outside tiki bar, etc.


Old Bay and Natty Boh, great combo!

(Tom T) #208

All week long :slight_smile:


Nice! Do you remember how much the crabs were?


Yes …

(Tom T) #211

23ish?? Around there


Nice. I went to tonight for like ten minutes and it was terrible…a million bugs and not one keeper. I knew going into it that the rain would kill things but I wanted to try.

(Tom T) #213

Nothing is cheap any more when it comes to crabs. Local pirate (unlicensed fish seller…for the uninitiated :slight_smile: ) down there that lived on the block where we were renting offered to get us crabs…for the low, low price of $40/dozen. And I’m not even sure if they were going to be #1s.


Rare, but here’s a warning for those who are crabbing in NJ waters!

(Greg Caggiano) #215

Thought of you yesterday @corvette_johnny. Part of my job with the college is marine science programs on Sandy Hook where we take school groups and camps seining. We were bringing in blue crabs by the bucketful yesterday. One keeper after another…and all had to be thrown back. :rage:

(Dan) #216

My son and I participated in that program in 1999.


Nice! Can you go back when you’re not in camp?

(Greg Caggiano) #218

I can. I am usually on the Hook for fun at least 3 days a week. I have a season pass as part of the job and I make the most of it. However, I have yet to go fishing. Always have good luck seining for silversides but I’m not sure what I could cook with them if I go on my own and actually keep them. As for the crabs, have to research if crabbing is allowed on Sandy Hook. It’s federal property and sometimes they have different laws. Clamming, for one, is not allowed. There are signs pertaining to it.

(Greg Caggiano) #219

It’s a great program. We are the Ocean Institute which is part of BCC. We combine marine science with military history (that’s my area as the historian; I am still gradually learning the marine biology aspects). I work with school groups in the spring and fall, and then camps over the summer (in addition to some in the classroom on campus). Best job I’ve ever had. A dream job actually. I teach adults too, but kids are more fun. It is still heartwarming hearing them ooh and aah over little fish.

(Dan) #220

That’s great. I remember we enjoyed the day out. My son was young at the time and loved it. BCC has so many continuing edu opps. My wife and I have spent many enjoyable hours in classes there. And congrats on your multiple backgrounds.