Let's talk about ... another Greek place

Because the one thing we haven’t discussed to death here are Greek places.

But, I got one of those stupid packets of coupons from local joints and as I was throwing them in the recycling I saw one from My Big Fat Greek Store. I remember years ago My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in that dumpy little stand alone on southbound rt 9 near Capitol Lighting, so I looked.

Turns out this place is in cousins plaza in freehold, a strip mall I go to sometimes for Dunkin Donuts or Bella Italia pork store and I haven’t noticed them. Has anyone been?


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I think we’re going to have to look up the old tutu and see what pops out…

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The woman that owned or ran My Big Fat Greek Restaurant was just nasty. It’s been closed a couple years now but recently re-opened as a Peruvian restaurant. I haven’t been in. Hmmmmm… maybe My BIg Fat Greek Store is the new iteration?

Maybe the big fat Greek store should relocate closer to the laundromat with the large angry women.

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Hey is it possible this was part of a chain?


Hey, CJ check out that meat lovers platter on the menu page: “A Symposium of Ecstasy”

Went and got some take out today for lunch. They are not part of a chain. They are really similar in a lot of ways to The Greek Spot but with no seating and less food. I can’t make a direct comparison as they only make one kind of meat gyro a day and today’s was pork (think slices like a traditional al pastor) instead of beef/lamb. The pork was decent and their tzatziki was very good.

I’m not sure if they make their specialties to order but I was there early and there was nothing out in steam trays.

Not seeing it viking. The page doesn’t seem to android friendly.

yeah you need the latest version of adobe flasher to download it

Got gyros at G.Y.R.O. in Freehold the other day. They were good - lots of meat, lots of garlic in the tzatziki. I was kind of in a rush so I didn’t really browse the menu…

Here’s a link: https://www.ezcater.com/catering/gryo-1?mcx=gf1&ads_id=3&utm_exprt=2_test&mcx=gf1&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=g%20y%20r%20o%20freehold%20nj&utm_content={creative}&utm_campaign=28121027&utm_adgroup=4166388802&utm_account=Caterers&utm_matchtype=e&utm_device=c?utm_source=bing

I’ve been to G.Y.R.O. in Freehold a couple times since they opened a couple of years ago and wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I should give another try as it is very close to home. I almost always head to Freehold Raceway Mall for my gyro fix. The food court gyro spot puts out way better food than anyone should reasonably expect from a food court vendor.

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I also tried G.Y.R.O. a couple of times after they opened and gave up on them for the simple fact they while they have different gyro meats on the vertical cookers. They slice the meat and put it in warming trays under the counter until someone orders and the use the meat that’s been sitting around to make you gyro or platter. I guess it may seem more efficient to them but the quality of the warmed meat is not the same as freshly sliced. On my second trip I asked for freshly sliced meat and the teenager working the counter said they had to use the meat from the tray before slicing any new meat. I never have returned even though I live 5 minutes away and love gyros.

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