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Firstly, thank you for your interest.

I shall put together a line up of authentic local Catalan Cuisine and regional Spanish at the weekend as I am travelling so it is a bit difficult at the moment.

I have to check where it may be the best place to post such an article and how to divide it into regions. Cataluna is made up of 4 distinct regions with a wide variety of terrains and agricultural / foraged products and designations of wines as well.

I must get ready for a 21.00 dinner …
Have a super summer …

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Here are a few basics of Catalan Cuisine. Definitely not conclusive however, I am travelling so, this is a general introduction.

The long coastline from Tarragona all the way to the border of France, have veered its population to a pescatarian influence and the fish and shellfish seasonal catch of the day, is our main staple.
THE MOST IMPORTANT CATALAN SAUCE: Romesco: prepared with Evoo, garlic, day old bread crumbs, 2 capsicum dried red horn shaped Basque chili peppers, tomato, almonds, hazelnuts & fresh parsley and they are mashed into a thick paste, almost similar to the preparation of a Genovese Pesto. This is a typical dip or salsa eaten with prawns, or squid or finned fish.
2) ZARZUELA denotes a Spanish Opera, howver, the dish called Zarzuela de Pescado is a fish stew prepared in earthenware is extraordinarily popular at quayside bars and restaurants … It is based on the seasonal catch.
3) ALIOLI: Evoo 250ml., 1 egg yolk, salt and a tiny drizzle of lemon and garlic to taste, combined with a whisk creates a thick type of mayonnaise and is served with fish, squid and / or “fried potatoes” (wedge chunks) …
4) FIDEUÀ: This is a paella however, it is prepared with Vermecelli or Fideos (tiny pasta noodles) verses Rices.
5) MATO = this is a historic dessert from Northern Giorna, Cadaqués. It is prepared with goat milk or sheep milk Ricotta, honey and rasberries. It was Salvador Dali´s fave dessert and Ferràn & AlbertAdrià prepared a vanguard versión of the historic dessert.

Pam amt tomaquet is a breakfast ( toast with crushed de-seeded and peeled tomato
marmalade and a drizzle of Evoo ) and a pinch of salt.

Girona and Tarragona produce amazingly lovely Green Evoo verses gold which is used for salads.

To answer your question:

I love Spain, it is my home and my country.

2ndly, Italy … Both my husband and I love, Italy and its sensational authentic regional cuisine and the people.

Then, I can say all my trips have been amazingly extraordinary in one way or another.

Other wonderful trips have included:
The Nordic Countries
Translyvania, Romania
Budapest, Hungary
Provençe, Paris, Nice,
Greece, The Aegean and The Ionian Islands
Manhattan & Boston
South America

Best wishes for a lovely summer.


Thank you! Want to learn more about your own(home-style) Catalan food if you make it. I forgot to mention Spanish tomatoes. I take them home in my carry-on, kilos of them.

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Perhaps, when I get home, in September, I shall post a couple of Catalan family récipes from my 2 grandmothers and mother.

May I ask, where are you from ?

Best regards.


Yes, please

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That will be great! Waiting with enthusiasm.

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Thanks …

Shall do in September … I jotted it down in my To Do´s calendar …

Have a great day.

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Wine Country,

I am going to plan to post up when I return home in September.

Have a fabulous summer.

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I was offline for several days and as I was catching up I saw a new name contributing on the boards! A very warm welcome to Hungry Onion!



Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

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You should taste Sardinian and Sorento, Campania tomatoes !

They are heaven on earth …

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  1. Seattle
  2. Decaf Coffee
  3. Eating pho during a cold and rainy day with my family ^^
  4. I am color deficient. I don’t know what the color purple looks like.

Welcome to HO!!! We hope you enjoy it here!


[quote=“DerpCoffee, post:813, topic:454, full:true”]

  • Seattle - Beautiful country up there!
  • Decaf Coffee - That’s ok I won’t hold this against you
  • Eating pho during a cold and rainy day with my family ^^ - from Seattle I guess you eat a lot of pho with family!!!
  • I am color deficient. I don’t know what the color purple looks like. - Is it just purple? Do you see it as a color or is it just grey / black / white? I’ve never heard of someone who can’t see only one specific color. What color is Barney?

Oh and Welcome to Hungry Onion pho resource capital of the world !!! (Ok I might have exaggerated there a tiny bit)


Welcome, …and marking my place. It can be hard to keep up!


Ooh - decaf coffee! An odd reaction, perhaps, but I can get very sensitive to caffeine at times. Would love to learn about your explorations of decaf coffee options!

And welcome!


She liked expressing herself. Dialoging? Not so much. :wink:

We might be related.

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I KNEW it!

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Hi, I’m TheCookie!

  1. Live in L.A. Raised on the east coast (nyc, jersey, conn, martha’s vineyard). I appreciate & love my roots. Miss the seasons but not the cold. I’m a total California girl!

  2. Food takes up an inordinate amount of space in my brain. So, I can’t give specifics. I just like talking about it, period.

  3. Great food day? I’ll just show you.

Larsen’s Fish Market in Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard: Eating just caught clams, lobsters & oysters on an old cable spool while watching the sunset. Btw, I don’t actually know these people, but it was such a sweet moment. :blush:

  1. @ElsieDee is my homie! :heart:

  2. Happy to meet Y’all!

Happy Eating!


You’re good!

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