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  1. Seattle
  2. Decaf Coffee
  3. Eating pho during a cold and rainy day with my family ^^
  4. I am color deficient. I don’t know what the color purple looks like.

Welcome to HO!!! We hope you enjoy it here!


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  • Seattle - Beautiful country up there!
  • Decaf Coffee - That’s ok I won’t hold this against you
  • Eating pho during a cold and rainy day with my family ^^ - from Seattle I guess you eat a lot of pho with family!!!
  • I am color deficient. I don’t know what the color purple looks like. - Is it just purple? Do you see it as a color or is it just grey / black / white? I’ve never heard of someone who can’t see only one specific color. What color is Barney?

Oh and Welcome to Hungry Onion pho resource capital of the world !!! (Ok I might have exaggerated there a tiny bit)


Welcome, …and marking my place. It can be hard to keep up!


Ooh - decaf coffee! An odd reaction, perhaps, but I can get very sensitive to caffeine at times. Would love to learn about your explorations of decaf coffee options!

And welcome!


She liked expressing herself. Dialoging? Not so much. :wink:

We might be related.


I KNEW it!

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Hi, I’m TheCookie!

  1. Live in L.A. Raised on the east coast (nyc, jersey, conn, martha’s vineyard). I appreciate & love my roots. Miss the seasons but not the cold. I’m a total California girl!

  2. Food takes up an inordinate amount of space in my brain. So, I can’t give specifics. I just like talking about it, period.

  3. Great food day? I’ll just show you.

Larsen’s Fish Market in Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard: Eating just caught clams, lobsters & oysters on an old cable spool while watching the sunset. Btw, I don’t actually know these people, but it was such a sweet moment. :blush:

  1. @ElsieDee is my homie! :heart:

  2. Happy to meet Y’all!

Happy Eating!


You’re good!

  1. Florida, but I’m moving to Tennessee soon
  2. I honestly like anything food related. I’ve been reviewing fast food on my YouTube channel recently
  3. I just got pied in the face recently so does that count as a “food experience” ? :joy:
  4. Check out my channel if you want to see food reviews and a few other types of videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSX8-rz5THVOr26XMvgtRbg

@TheCookie, I am just randomly catching up to this now. What a great place to enjoy seafood.

We had many vacations on Martha’s Vineyard (friends had a small house there they rented to us for vacation, but they recently sold). “Lobster picnic” and a Menensha sunset on the beach was a highlight every year the weather permitted. Lobster from Larsen’s, always.


Oh Sweet!

Yah, I always say Americans should do themselves a favor and go to MV at least once in their life. It’s one of the most naturally beautiful, fun, delicious places on earth, and you don’t need a passport!

Our family doesn’t have a home there anymore either. And it’s now stupid expensive, but last time we went it was the end of May - less crowded, less expensive, weather is beautiful. Only downside is off-season is boring for some young people. Our boys refused to go… we had a blast without them. :blush:

On the food tip. Our favorite of the new school spots.

Big Ass Scallops, Sweet Corn Grits, Lemon Basil Oil

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Braised Kale, Cheddar Grits

Happy Trails!


Love Red Cat Kitchen! Though we did a lot of cooking on our MV vacations—hello, super fresh fish—Red Cat Kitchen became one of the fave spots we’d try to hit up.

Dinner there + a stop afterward at Backdoor Doughnuts for the next day’s breakfast was one of our indulgences.

P.S. Yes, lodging is stupid expensive in season so we’re looking for another vacation retreat we can love just as much. Our friends spoiled us with affordable rent.

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East coast "outer boroughs " or DC for most of my first 28 years, and never even considered it, but maybe since YOU say so! I’m not sure I understand the appeal. I DO love cold water oysters, and like a lobster roll.


It’s so cool (surreal) conversing with somebody who knows these places! I’m sure there are many who know these places, but I live in California now, so. :smirk:

Anyhoo… Can I tell a story? Ok thanks.

Me & my young crew pretty much invented Backdoor Donuts. When we lived on the island there was no serious crime. In the summer parents let us run wild. We would hangout at the beach all day, Circuit Ave all night then go to the park or wherever and wait for the smells coming from the back of the bakery (about 1am bakers hours). I can’t remember the original name of the bakery, but we’d go to the back door and beg the bakers to sell us cookies, donuts, fritters, whatever. Imagine delicious, piping hot! It was a little side biz for the employees like a donut speakeasy. Sometimes they wouldn’t answer the knock or they’d say “Can’t, my boss is here.” :smile: We called it the Backdoor Bakery. I was sooo tickled when we went to Oak Bluffs a few years ago and saw it’s now a legit, late-night biz with a long line… and it’s called Backdoor Donuts!

:doughnut: + :cookie: = :two_hearts:


That story reminds me of my teenage years. There was a Brooklyn Bagels on Bustleton Ave in NE Philly, right behind the movie theater. Friends and I would go to the back door around midnight and get the bagels straight from the bath(? . . . I’m still not sure how they baked the bagels). Teenage girls and young male bakers was a match made in heaven!


What? I just don’t know what to say to that. Except you have to experience it to understand the appeal and I feel like driving up to NoCal and dragging you there. It’s more than food (which is great). It just seems like so your kind of place!

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Love it.

Hah! You’re right! I never thought of it that way! Oh the naïveté of youth. :blush:

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Whaaat? The origin story of Backdoor Donuts—knowing this is beyond amazing! Thank you for sharing.

I recall that back in the day the bakery was called the Old Stone Bakery. Even now, Oak Bluffs has an innocent, small town feel in the summer.

P.S. I just read the bakery was sold last year and the new owners pledged to continue the tradition: https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2018/02/07/back-door-donuts-sold


Yes! That’s it! Be still my heart. Thanks!

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