Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Wow Sherri, as a professional, I hope you will lend your expertise to the forum. WELCOME!!!

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999 members in HO now, wondering who will be our 1000th signup!!!


Mine says 208??

This is what I just saw on the ABOUT page for HO. But 1.0k users might be rounded?

I think I know what @Sunshine842 saw with her 208 users. When you go to the hamburger pop-down, and click on Users there, it’s showing the # of users - mine also said 208, but it was limited to the past week (Feb. 20th through 27th). If you set the date range to “All Time”, as I did, it shows 979 unique users (upper right hand corner under “filter by username”). At least it does for me. So I’m not sure where @naf is seeing 999 users.

We continued our discussion here: 999 members in Hungry Onion, let's party!

Was 999, there is 1 more new member, now it’s 1k!

Yup, I found that thread as well!

  1. San Francisco (previously New York City for the past 27 years until August 2015)
  2. Italian food
  3. A recent dinner at Yuzuki (598 Guerrero at 18th Street)
  4. http://spamwisechronicles.com is my food and food photography blog, although I haven’t posted to it lately.

I used to post on eGullet and Chowhound under “SobaAddict70”. My history with eG began in 2001, then continued on-and-off again for the next 15 years. I joined CH briefly in 2014.


Hi again! Glad you have joined us here!

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i lived in Kensington from 1998 - 2004 - loved it up there.
I’ve still not tried Benchmark, though an East Bay friend has and really likes it.

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Exit 135 (clark nj) but haven’t been back in ages, maybe since before they closed Jr Hot Shoppes and Gino’s fast food

& Bonanza!

  1. Central NJ, but often in Philly and the SF Bay Area (specifically Oakland). Glad to see so many Jersey folk here.
  2. I’ve been enthusiastic about cooking since I was a kid. Time-Life’s “Foods of the World” series was a major influence, and as an adult I enjoy nothing more than travel that includes exploring regional cooking. Love street food!
  3. Too many great food experiences to pick one or two. The setting and company can be (almost) as important as the food itself. Many great meals al fresco on restaurant patio or on a blanket under a tree.
  4. I spend a good deal of the growing season trying to consume all the produce from my CSA share, and I hate buying anything out of season. So by March, I’m finally getting to the last of the wrinkled root vegetables in my cellar and dreaming of spring greens and strawberries…

Where are you?
little town called Somers, CT

What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?
*all topics - i love to read about and subscribe to many magazines. *

What’s a great food experience you have had?
as a kid, my dad saying “let’s go to lunch” and then driving 2.5 hours to Angelo’s in Little Italy

A little tidbit about you
*my dream job is a food writer for the now defunct Gourmet. Ruth Reichl is my idol. *

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We got our Rhodesian Ridgeback from someone in Somers,CT! I live near Somers, NY.

We have lots of dog and horse breeders here. I think Dress Barn used to be headquartered in Somers, NY. Thinking back to my retail roots…

Don’t know about Dress Barn, but you’re right about the breeders in your area.

Hah. Ain’t that the truth, jfood. Dogs are superior to people, no question about it. My condolences on Fonda, when I lost my first dog I was amazed at the depths into which I was plunged. My second dog dragged me out, only because he is the polar opposite of my first dog.

You raised more than a few hackles with your third person persona, jfood, no question about it. Ever see the Seinfeld episode with a similar theme? Oh, and the mods on C/H are idiotic troglodytes, no question about that either.

Anywho, now that I’m not so paranoid about this place (yes, I believe in conspiracies and no, Oswald did not kill Kennedy), here goes:

Where are you?…not New Rochelle, where I grew up, which I still love, but in another city in Westchester, which sucks;
What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?…my opinion about restaurants, the service persons, the time it takes to take my drink order, the time it takes to bring me my drink, how my drink is made, whether I can eat my appetizer in peace BEFORE I get my entree, read my review on Gina Marie in Eastchester happily now closed on what I said about the wait person and his manager, whether the restaurant is yuppie-fied or not, whether I can park for free or have to walk to a residential area in order not to pay for parking, I never pay to park to eat, whether any food is really worth $100. a person, it usually isn’t, why I insist on a table against a wall, I loathe tables in the middle of the room I always marvel at people who accept any table in a restaurant, why I love run-on sentences, who did that, Thomas Mann?
What’s a great food experience you have had?… I haven’t had many. I’ve had some (to me, I’m not an expert or a bartender) really good Sidecars, and I revel in a really good Sidecar. NoMa Social was my most recent favorite dining experience, before that I had the most perfect caviar (it popped, no caviar I’ve had since has popped) appetizer at one of the X restaurants (since closed) in Garrison, and at the same time used to have a regular EXcellent dining experience at Harrald’s in Stormville, also closed. All my perfect places close. Watch out, NoMa Social. I adore cheeseburgers too, they are another perfect food.
A little tidbit about you…I’m cynical, conspiratorial, usually raging against the machine, old on the calendar, young in my head, absolutely convinced I know a good drink and a good meal and a good restaurant, don’t care what anyone thinks about me anymore since I am old, love to tell waitstaff that I will be reviewing their restaurant on TripAdvisor, HungryOnion, OpenTable, and anywhere else that asks me, arrogant aren’t I?, and love animals more than people, can you blame me?, especially dogs. Hmmmm, was it Thomas Mann, or James Joyce, I can’t recall anymore. Oh yeah, and my memory is shot. I’d love to write a blog, but don’t have the patience, and who in heck wants to read non-stop kvething? Anyone here remember Philo Kvetch?

I’m done. Aren’t you sorry you asked? At any rate, thank you for asking and thank you, Sampson, for creating this home away from the Gulag and thank you Gwenn for braving the despots at Chowhound and inviting us all here.

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My pleasure. So happy to have the gang back!!

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Definitely feeling the school spirit there.