Let's eat! Mid-week HOdown 2/13 6:30pm

Hey, HOs! @msbean and @joonjoon and I were discussing how long it’s been since we’ve gotten together, so we’ve decided to meet up in Edison and any/all of you are welcome to join us.

We’re headed to Hot Space Grilled Fish, which is the same strip mall with HMart at 1757 NJ -27 in Edison. HSGF doesn’t have a website, so here are two of the best links I’ve found with photos and menus:


Restaurant Guru

The food sounds very shareable and a great chance for us to catch up, so grab your Boy or Galentine and join us! Just please post if you’re coming and how many people so we know before we go. Cash will make bill-paying easiest. And yes, I’ve checked - HMart is open until 10pm, so bring your grocery bags too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m in!!! Mr Bean and The Sprout may be able to make it as well!

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I can’t wait! Wear your Valentine’s best!

Bumping this up to make sure you’ve all seen it… If you want to join us, please post by Monday night!