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(Memory) #81

Oh, god, still laughing. How man of us have been roofied by well meaning friends?? I was done wrong by a friend who gave me a mushroom at a Motels performance in a tiny club in West Hollywood. Martha Davies watched me the whole set. Could tell she was thinking: Yes, I’m hot but you do NOT get to crawl on stage and suck my toes.

(David) #82

Normally I suspend disbelief and enjoy reading @NotJrvedivici 's stories, but I find this one hard to believe. First of all, what kind of a d*ck roofies his buddy? I mean c’mon!

Second, why would you want to remain friends with that guy? I have a zero tolerance rule for roofies, well, except for that one time some random girl roofied me in college, but that doesn’t matter here.

Either way, another great read.



(Miss_belle) #84

I was walking out to my car at a Galveston WM when I smelled skunk, I glanced around thinking what the heck, then I smelled coffee and finally pot. When my husband came out I mentioned it to him and he pointed over to a car with smoke coming out the windows. He said that’s Skunkweed. I learned something new that day.

Probably not available in edibles, but it smelled like something I’d stay clear of in smoking form.:blush:


Walking in San Francisco, you smell the the “scent of the skunk” wafting almost every other block. Unless you’re walking through one of the almost everyday protests/festivals/rallies. Then it’s every few feet, or all permeating.


Leave it to nyc

NBC News: Key marijuana chemical called CBD can no longer be added to food, drinks in NYC.

(David) #87

I still find it odd. So, I have to know, is there anyone else who has, accidentally, or on purpose, “roofied” a friend?


Could have been the Wally World smelled like skunk, then again if they didn’t drug test at work I might be all over it.

A very sad note, on that site during the 1900 Galveston hurricane there was an orphanage where 10 nuns and 90 children perished among the 6000 to 8000 lives lost.

(Junior) #89

Although I’m “that guy” I’m not too sure there are many more a$$hole’s like the one who roofied me out there. (I sure hope not)


What a country when Electric Dogshit is repeated continually in a Sinclair station
mindless feature.

(Memory) #91

“what a country” = my meditation mantra these days


This is local guy, former County commissioner, and smart…


May not be rooted in the 60s but oh those 70’s to early 80’s minus disco (shutter). Life was good.


Well the 60s did introduce the Beatles and other English groups


I implore you to stay away from LSD.


Micro dosing LSD may hold benefits for some disorders as well as increasing productivity.


Increased productivity? We never micro dosed and the stuff left us totally useless but sure was fun. No way I’d touch it today.