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That’s just my neighborhood store’s edible offerings. I’m sure there’s a wider variety at other establishments.

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This thread is so timely — I really need help understanding this product. Husband has been on anti-rejection meds for 14 years & getting most of his nutrition from a tube in his gut. Last year he began to ween off the tube & is eating by mouth much better. However the drugs suppress his appetite and he’s down to 110 pounds.

He took a capsule form of mj-derivative years ago w/o results.

Are edibles best for appetite stimulant? Does the dispensed drug work just as well?
Anyone have any experience?

(He’s a lung transplant; would never smoke; and titrating a dose in home-bake for a guy who weighs 110 pounds sounds kinda scary based on this thread, not even gonna try.)

(BTW: someone gave me a topical ointment from Colorado when I hade frozen shoulder. It didn’t affect the joint pain but it was Amazing for the associated muscle pain. Amazing. Can’t say it enough. Amazing.)


In my experience, eating it is less of an appetite stimulant than smoking or vaping, but that is a highly individual thing as far as I know. Do you have access to medical grade products where you know what you’re getting? A medical grade oil taken directly would allow you to control the dose much more than making your own cannabutter and then cooking with it.

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Jammie, I live in a pot legal state and have tried a variety of edible things, including the high grade edible oils for anxiety and pain relief. In my experience the edibles are very unpredictable and, sometimes it takes hours to have an effect. Since I don’t like a marijuana high, the products haven’t been useful for me; they do however stimulate my appetite which I don’t need! You can of course buy edibles without the THC component which produces the high. Also want to chime in here to say that I do use the topical rubs and they are indeed amazing for muscle pain without absorbing into your bloodstream. I often give them as gifts to friends in other states and everyone loves it. :blush::+1:

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We’re just beginning the registration process for medical product. His condition isn’t on the list of approved applications so there’s a chance he won’t be registered (unless they approve him under “terminal.”) So, fingers crossed, yes.


I’m stage 4 CKD and not eligible for a transplant because of a variety of things wrong, but I do know one isn’t eligible for kidney transplant if they ingest cannibis.
A real life catch 22 that’s very perplexing to folks in great pain.
I don’t have a solution, just sympathy.
Hope it works out.

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So, so sorry for your circumstances! And glad you are in a state where you can get the full range of palliatives. And thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experience!


Frustrating. You might check out online prescribers like heally.com if the standard process in your state doesn’t work or takes too long. I have friends who have gotten prescriptions through them and they say it’s a breeze.

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As the author of the thread and a “moderator” on the site let me just say a couple of things.

1.) I"m glad so many people seem to be interested in the topic!
2.) Thank you all for your various contributions thus far, and those that are yet to come!
3.) I’m sorry to read of so many people suffering from various illness’s, while this information is helpful please…please always seek the recommendations of your doctor before relying on any information for health related purposes. (yes we are all adults but I would rather be safe than sorry)
4.) God bless us all, even if you don’t believe in God then whatever deity you do believe in I wish you all blessings.
5.) Let the discussion(s) continue!!! (I’m going to follow this up with my own personal story)

Thank you


It’s interesting to note that is is widely appreciated as an appetite stimulant, at least when inhaled, but on occasion it causes severe nausea and even vomiting, probably related to the GI receptors. Supposedly that reaction is relieved by showers, a “telltale” piece of history from the sufferer.


I REALLY hope this story involves karaoke!


Only time I’ve ever gotten sick in a 50+ year smoking career was when a friend bought back a bag of Kif from Lagos in 1971.
Akin to eating peyote buttons. Once I threw up everything was fine.

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Even though I’m working for an edibles company, I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the delayed reaction. I think for anyone trying edibles for the first time, start low and slow. Here the max dose per piece is 10 mg, with some companies making 5 mg pieces and a few even making 3.3. There are also tinctures and extracts where you can add a drop or two to your beverage. I would start with 5 mg or less at a time. (And this is why the THC needs to be ‘thoroughly intermixed’ and not just dripped or sprayed on - the consumer should be able to cut a piece in half or quarters for a micro-dose.)

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Here we go…I swear on my children this is a true story.

Ok, so while my original post was honest there was a small part that where I was a bit disingenuous, and that was with my statement; “I have -0- knowledge or experience in anything cannibis food related.” that is not completely true. I do have 1 experience which I will share with you all here.

I was hosting a dinner party with 7 other couples at my home so there were a total of 16 people there including my wife and I. There were some old good friends, some newer good friends and newer neighbors as well. It was a bit of a mixed group all of people I am very fond of, but not life long friends.

Side note to story:
(As some of you might have figured out, I’m generally “that guy”……every school, workplace or social group has “that guy”. The guy you know shouldn’t have that last drink the guy you know NOT to dare, the guy you know has streaked before (and under the right circumstances might again) Yeah……I’m just “that guy”.)

So through a comedy of misunderstandings one of my “newer” friends was under the impression that I “party” (which I do but drinking wise, not much else) and just as I was preparing dinner service for 16, I’m literally taking food out of the oven for plating he comes up to me and says: “Hey have you started to party yet?” I replied: “No, I can’t start until after I serve the entrée, nobody wants a drunk chef” – he then said “here take this, it will help you unwind”………and he handed me something which at that moment I didn’t have a chance to discuss so I just “took it”. I proceeded plating the dishes and with some help served everyone and took my seat at the table. Probably 15 mins transpired at this point.

As I’m looking around the table for peoples approval of the meal, I started noticing a problem with my hearing…….I could see peoples mouths moving, but they started to sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown……….mwaaaa, waaaa, waaaa mwaaaaaaa
I started to stare at their lips and I knew that’s not what they were saying but I couldn’t make the words out. I started to sweat a bit. Now as people were openly complimenting me on the meal, I could only utter words, not complete sentences I had lost the ability to articulate………responding with a fragile grin and “thanks”. I wanted to get up for a glass of water and as I attempted I realized my legs were fairly weak. My wife was sitting across the table from me and she could realize I was in a bit of distress, so she came over to check on me and I was able to whisper my friends name to her. I was now completely unable to stand up or to even move my arms. I felt paralyzed, I felt for lack of a better comparisons like Stephen Hawking.

My wife went to speak to my friend who explained to her he gave me an edible weed infused gummy bear….he thought I “partied”. She came back to explain to me that I was tripping off the gummy bear. Great…………………….

Side note # 2
(Flashback in my mind to a month or so prior when I was out to dinner with a business associate and he told me a story about a guy he worked with who had gone on a business trip and tried edible marijuana for the first time. It was chocolate and he ate a square and waited 10 mins, felt nothing ate another square waited 10 mins felt nothing then more or less by the end of the hour he ate the entire bar, passed out in his bed for 18 hours, missed his meetings and woke up in his own excrement.)

By now several people at the party realized there is something seriously wrong. One wife shouted; “I’m calling 911 he’s having a stroke”……….to which the friend who roofied me replied; “No….no….just give him a couple hours he will be fine” with both him and my wife running interference for me they were keeping the rest of the party goers assured I would be fine.

Meanwhile I’m still sitting in my chair, unable to get up, unable to move my arms and thinking to myself about the story I heard a month before when my internal voice screams in my head: “You are going to sh#t yourself in front of all these people” and with this sudden realization I start to cry. Not full blown hysterical crying but like the Indian in the 70’s “Keep America Beautiful” anti-trash, ad campaign just an occasional tear rolling down my cheek.

My friend who roofied me stayed by my side, giving me water……rubbing my shoulders telling me it will pass etc. Most people were helping to clean up and in the kitchen trying to ignore the death scene playing out in my dining room. I was completely paralyzed inside my own body convinced I was going to sh*t my pants and my entire personal and professional life would be as ruined as my boxer briefs.

At one point my friend went to refill my water as the sudden urge to vomit struck me. I started to get that stomach churn that we all know what it’s leading to. I’m sweating profusely at this point trying to suppress my stomach surges, thinking now “Dear God I’m going to vomit across my dining room table during a diner party AND SH#T MY F#CKING PANTS” (I literally hear my fathers voice telling me what a f#ck up I am in life) just as I started to gag, I jumped to my feet ran to the door and vomited off my front porch.

With the cold air on my face and my legs wobbly beneath me and the poison was out of my body I decided to try and get myself upstairs to bed, which thankfully I was able to do. My wife came up and checked on me, tucked me in and I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up approximately 2 hours later to the murmur of people still downstairs so I brushed my teeth, changed my cloths and rejoined the dinner party!

The next day I received a very apologetic text/call from my buddy who roofied me and explained;

1.) He thought I had done it before
2.) He “accidentally” grabbed the wrong gummy bears and instead of giving me a ¼ or ½ he gave me a whole of a higher dosage, so I had consumed about double what he would consume, but thought because of my size I could “handle” it. (I’m 6’3 and 300±lbs)

And that was my first and ONLY experience with edible cannabis.


Wow, those must have been STRONG to work so quickly and so intensely! Everyone reacts differently, though, and IME it doesn’t necessarily correspond to weight/body size. Great story, though, especially for “that guy.” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Honestly all I can do is approximate the time that lapsed because I couldn’t’ lift my wrist to check my watch! All I know is from the time I first took the food out of the oven, it took till mid meal for me to be incapacitated. I would estimate 30-45 mins. It seemed like an eternity.

I would do it again, (after all I am that guy) but this time I would know what to expect. To be relaxed on a couch with a full stomach (I don’t really eat when I cook so I was on a somewhat empty stomach) and knowing what to anticipate wouldn’t be so bad. But when you’ve never done it, don’t know what you took to just become paralyzed was truly a traumatic experience.


Another @NotJrvedivici story that did not disappoint! Sorry you had such a traumatic experience but know reading this story absolutely improved my day!


Sounds like me when I bgh ingested a cookie made for a terminal patient. I have the story above .

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Ok, good to know. Proceed with caution.