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I agree.

On the other hand, some might say that a knowledge base is not the same as the kind of research and evidence that is required for the practice of medicine, and coverage by private and public insurance.

But I don’t think that discourse is appropriate for this setting, so I’m going to try to resist commenting further.

ETA; Resisting commenting is not my strong suit.


Oh, I agree. I’m just talking about life not prescriptions and doctors.

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I do find it helps with some specific pains. I use frequently and still have aches and pains from working too much or muscle aches from exercise, but every 4 or 5 weeks when my uterus is killing me, marijuana helps calm the cramping.

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the article says this:

but I don’t know where they’re getting their measurements. I just weighed a loosely packed cup of buds and it was about 20 grams. If you ground it first then measured, you could easily get an ounce (28.35 grams) or more in a cup.


Hmmm. That’s where our trim and lesser stuff ends up, at least in part. I’m not a chemist
but seems like using grade AA buds for cooking is counterproductive. I will consult some folks more knowledgeable than I.

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Sure, you might use shake instead of bud for oil, I’m just saying that dried herbs are light but not that light per volume. Being a chef and quibbling with their equivalents. Is shake and trim that much fluffier than bud?

But flower is super cheap, stores here always have deals on something. My last purchase was an ounce of flower for $50. It’s 19% THC so not the strongest but I don’t know how much stronger I could take :dizzy_face:

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Malcolm Gladwell had a marijuana article in The New Yorker last month. He detailed the need for rigorous scientific study of THC dosage and effects. Most claims of medical benefit are anecdotal, and many are contradictory. Older reports address marijuana that had far less THC than the modern plant. He asserts that we have no idea how legalizing pot will affect auto collisions, employment problems, and brain development.

I have never used it in any form, but live in Massachusetts, where it was legalized for medical use about 5 years ago, and for recreational use last year. The state has been impeding the process as much as it can, so the few medical dispensaries there are, so far, didn’t open till a couple of years ago. Licensing for recreational shops is slow, and the marijuana must first be tested by labs the accreditation of which is being delayed.


Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think? Permitting pot is one thing; promoting its use is another. By Malcolm Gladwell

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I, for one, am enjoying this ongoing conversation about pot. All the talk of prep for general consumption, legalities, personal experiences, points of view on the subject. Rather than +1-ing here and there I just want to say thank you to all. And yes, I was young once too😊


Yeah, I thought the grams per cup measurement seemed way off too, especially if you’re talking about ground buds or stems, etc. However, 7-10 grams is about what I would use for a cup of oil or butter. For instance, I typically use an eighth of an ounce or 4ish grams in a pan of brownies, which generally calls for 1/2 c. of oil.


I totally agree with this. Use the cheap stuff for cooking! :slight_smile:


I’ll never eat it again . Ate a cookie years ago fly fishing on a beautiful lake . Sitting in the float tube it came on strong . I barely made it to shore and sat in the chair for 8 hours. I couldn’t even get my waders off . The worst part it was a gorgeous day and the fishing was on fire . Found out later these were made for a terminal patient.


In the body there are cannabinoid receptors. Or maybe it’s more receptors that bind and react to cannabinoids

There are nicotinic receptors as well that react to both nicotine and acetylcholine


One bad experience can really turn you off. This is why I stopped when I was around 23 or so. Feeling like you’re going to die isn’t fun :confused: I’m still intrigued by the uses and how it helps people in life. I just grew out of it.


Yep, I’ve been there. I have learned to practice extreme caution with eating it but in general it’s not my preferred method of consumption. I haven’t ingested CBD yet, though - I will be interested to see what effect that has on me.


Sounds like some good shit man.


Figure 2. Major localization sites and associated functions of the CB1R in the human body. The majority of CB1Rs expressed in human body is found in the brain, where it is involved in various neurological activities. CB1Rs on the peripheral sites, although to a lesser extent, participates in the regulation of local tissue functions.

Figure 1. Simplified scheme…:blush:


I worked with a guy and I would call and tell him my “watch was broken.”

I got this from a Monty Python episode where I believe it was Michael Palin was on the phone and said, “I have the watch, the watch, the Chinese watch. Thank-you, mother.”


I would only say that there’s a big difference between relieving pain and a relaxing experience and the consumption for the purposes of getting blitzed, same as the difference between a glass of wine or beer and getting fall down drunk.
Not sure how old or sick you are but when the guilt factor that has been pounded into us since forever is removed and just looked at as a life enhancing alternative to prescription drugs , then the benefits outweigh the risks , in my mind and body, and apparently millions of others.