Let's Discuss Edible Cannibis........................


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No flower, just extracts? Huh!

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Back in November, 2018, the voters in MI liberalized the state laws governing sale of Weed for private consumption. I voted “NO” on the proposal.

As a Baby Boomer, I had more than my share of exposure to Marijuana, hallucinigens, opiates, illicit medicines…

This is a very slippery slope. IMO: Any tax revenues generated by legalization for recreational use will be quickly offset by abuse behaviors practiced by the selfish simpletons the world is filled with now.

Diatribe over, I think dispensing medical Marijuana to those suffering ghastly neurological diseases or terminal illness is absolutely the right thing to do.


There is at least one show about cooking with Cannabis. Huangs world is one.

CBD is not the same as psychoactive ingredient in THC, from what I understood.

No local restaurants around here, but there are dispensaries, and billboards advertising delivery of cannabis

I’ve read some interesting things about making cannabutter, but haven’t tried it.

I…have a friend who would try it if I could control the “dose”.


Some well known chefs have openly talked about recipes and plans to open restaurants, if they are able to at some point.

Is public consumption legal in any states? I don’t think it is, from what I’ve seen. (ie coffee shops, bars, lounges etc) If I had to guess on a state I’d go Nevada that would be first. I’m taking about fully legal, not just police turning their back to it.


Circa 1980 Houston Astrodome/Oilers. We had seven season tickets and all pitched in for an ounce for a Monday Night Football game. Bill’s wife made brownies and we did our ritual sampling of herb on the ramps at halftime.
We get back and it’s Bill, did you smoke all this stuff?

Five minutes later and it’s like we were all hit by sledgehammers not the same as smoking it.

Bob I’m sure you can concur on prime time games, there is an electric atmosphere not matched by regular games.


I was patiently waiting for a response lol.

In college we cooked up tortellini with olive oil. It came out well and actually looked really nice. That was our “go to” dish down in FL. This was before cell phone pic days. I wish I had some photos.

We would also order a “Chad special” and the manager was in on it. That was a delivery service so you would get a pizza and a “favor” all at the same time lol. “Can we get a large sausage pie and 4 chad specials?”

College, I’m not sure why I ever graduated



How does this compare with the legal restrictions with making candy with alcohol in it (like those little chocolate bottles)?

Fascinating to read about all the ins and outs of trying to set up the business.

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I think if you were to produce liquor-filled chocolates you would have some sort of oversight or license from the LCB but no zoning issues. If there’s more than 1% ABV you have to … I don’t know, at least label for it? Stores might need a liquor license to sell it? Haven’t really looked into it but I think there are some restrictions.

But my last restaurant job was in a hipster neighborhood with schools two blocks away in two directions, and we were next door to a craft distillery, had a full bar, another bar and a nightclub on the same block. WA used to have liquor only available in state run stores (most closed on Sunday) with only beer and wine in grocery stores. We changed that & privatized liquor in 2012. Look what a slippery slope we’re on!

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So it’s another state by state thing. Some don’t allow over 1/2%, some go up to 5% but for 21+ …

state-regulations-governing-alcohol-in-confectionery.pdf (171.7 KB)

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For a good beginner’s guide to cooking with cannibis, check this out:

Oh, and do NOT skip the comments section of the article, some of it is priceless.


I posted the above Oregon regulation without comment but if you read it it
covers public consumption, which is the legal issue at hand. California is looking at smoking lounges where folks could consume but I’m not sure how their law is written.
That idea is verboten in Oregon.
Our industry is pretty far along with LOTS of $$$$ plus flourishing support businesses to go along with it.


In Florida we are just getting started with medical use only and hopefully moving away from vertical integration where the politicians can reap major monetary benefits from a stake in a state run monopoly that they control

My brother has switched his medical practice over to medical marijuana. A no brainier when Medicare pays $17 for an EKG these days. Right now it’s only oil in Fla but with our new governor things should expand soon. The now senator Scott only made sure he could line his pockets before he left office to reap even more money in the senate

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Right, CBD is not psychoactive but can be used for pain. CBD derived from industrial hemp is supposed to be legal across the board and you don’t need special licenses to cook with or sell it.


We are wide open with lots of innovative people and new products constantly.
We have a ton of edibles, mostly in candy or
Other solid forms. Also breathers ala asthma
types and more.
Fresh baked goods like cookies or brownies are illegal for the same reason as stated in the part of the law above.
I’m really sorry the politicians are in charge there.
This has been a citizen effort, for the most part, here in Oregon.
But we have a burgeoning beer , wine, and spirt industry too so it just adds to the array.
Folks would be amazed at the percentage of seniors in the shops buying their herb ,
people who if you saw in the hardware store you’d never suspect. Oldsters with aches and pains find it much better than the pain medication frequently prescribed.
I’ll look in the case today.
I should have added above, the full issue is exchange for value of any type involving
said edibles/foodstuffs in a public setting
such as a cafe or restaurant.


I have tried CBD for quite a while now (I bought a case) and have found no benefit. Buying from the place my brother buys his for his office so feel it’s legit. Just does nothing for me that I can tell.

Actually my brother was surprised at the number of seniors he has seen in his office looking to get prescription THC oil.

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So CBD is pain relief without the “high”, THC is pain relief with the high, correct?


Not sure thc is a pain med but takes your mind off it


Not sure if this is the place to discuss, but the “real” peer reviewed research is still limii, although increasing by leaps and bounds as laws change. I think there is a lot of mis-informatiion out there, and much biased information as well.


There’s a knowledge base of millions and millions who have indulged for decades that
just know it makes their life better both mentally and physically and it has been used through history.
Our guilt based beware of evil society has imposed restrictions on something that’s always been around.