L'Escale, Greenwich

I’m looking for a place for an anniversary dinner next month. We are both fully vaccinated and haven’t eaten at a restaurant for over a year, but an anniversary seems like a good occasion to dip a toe in the water. L’Escale has an interesting menu, which is a bit pricy, but this is a celebration after all! Has anyone eaten there? Any other suggestions for a nice French dinner in Greenwich or points south?

TerraSole in Ridgefield is wonderful. The food and service are both terrific. It’s a bit pricey too but it’s a special occasion. We went for my big birthday and are going again for our anniversary. They even have a singer who sings Italian (mostly) or you could end up with the classical guitarist.

Thanks, but Ridgefield is just a little bit too far afield for us for dinner. It looks wonderful though!

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I guess this is too late for you, butwe had dinner at Appetit Bistro in Port Chester during HVRW and enjoyed it so much that we went back for a second meal with friends. The prices are reasonable and they have a $40 price fixed menu they gave us a card for, available most nights (but not Saturday). They were reviewed in the NYT in 2015 before they stopped doing local reviews and it said that the executive chef had cooked at L’Escale, although I don’t know if he’s still here.

A Review of Appétit Bistro in Port Chester, N.Y. - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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Thanks, but it is too late. I will keep it in mind for other dinners though!

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