Le's Kitchen in Danbury, CT Shines with Fresh, Bursting Flavors

My sister and I were looking for Vietnamese food where she lives in Danbury and found Le’s. To our delight it was fresh, flavorful and affordable. We each tried a different pho - hers a seafood and mine with beef, beef tripe and tendon. Each broth was subtly different from the other but clear and vibrant with flavor. I’ve also had the vermicelli bowl with frilled pork and spring roll – a good-sized portion with plenty of fresh herbs (mint, basil) and fresh bean sprouts. This is the kind of place one could go to alone and not feel odd. The service is kind and thoughtful, the atmosphere cheery, and the art lovely. I believe that these folks are relatives of another Vietnamese restaurant in Danbury called Pho Vietnam, which is also to be recommended .

They are at 18 Mill Plain Rd., Danbury, CT
Tel: 203-456-3312


I’ve never encountered a seafood-based pho - I’m interested in what that tastes like (what the broth base is).

The seafood based pho was very much like the beef one, but it felt lighter and a bit brighter to me. We each sampled the other person’s and agreed that each one was delightful and subtly different. I’ve now downloaded a recipe to make the pho broth myself and will give it a try soon. Fingers crossed.

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