Lers Ros [SF, Tenderloin]

Really excellent meal at Lers Ros, after which we went to see Tab Benoit from New Orleans.

Sai Ua is a must have! This is where I first ate Sai Ua back in 2007, when this location was the only one. Next was the stewed pork leg, a fine dish undoubtedly of Chinese origin, potentially none finer on the West Coast :). After that, we got the frog, which was delicious but really tiny in size. Rounded off with BBQ Pork, kor moo yang, always a winner at Lers Ros. All washed down with vast quantities of Singha, of course!

I’m happy to say Lers Ros is as good as the week it opened. Way back when.


I’ve only had the pleasure dining there once with @mariacarmen, but I remember their raw shrimp salad to this day. Fantastic meal all around.


I kept meaning to post about this place. We had a fantastic meal at the Hayes Valley location a few months ago prior to an SF Jazz concert. The menu has a lot of very interesting and authentic dishes, when due to its location it could have played it safe as just another Thai restaurant. We’re going to make it a regular stop when we go to SF Jazz or the symphony.


I’m also a fan of Lers Ros’ stewed pork leg/kha moo. They also have a good “dry” tom yum noodle as well (looks like what might be in your last photo?).


Possibly. @Mr_Happy the beer had taken hold in some clearly fascinating ways by then.

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Stewed pork leg is a favorite, as is dry tom yum.

Are there better thai places in SF these days besides Pim’s?

A while back I went to the Lers Ros on Hayes and can absolutely vouch for the dry tom yum.

The pork rad na is pretty fabulous as well.

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