Lers Ros Chef-owner to open separate Isan Thai restaurant on Larkin [SF]

According to this week’s Tablehopper newsletter, Tom Narupon Silargorn, the owner and chef of Lers Ros, will open a restaurant called Esan Classic in the old Olive space at 743 Larkin St., focusing on Isan/Issan/Esan food, which is largely drawn from Lao cuisine. Along with Tycoon Thai 3 blocks away, and a possible new Lao restaurant in the vicinity, this is good news for fans of Isan/Lao food.



Great news indeed. Hopefully they won’t scale back the heat.

Can’t they branch out a bit further from those few square blocks though? I love Tenderloin and I think this is a great neighborhood to experiment with relatively low risks cuisines/ specialties that are not as common, but other neighborhoods can use more love for SE Asian places.

Any idea if this place is still going to open? I suddenly recall this because of @theluketsai’s review of the Issan place Larb Thai in El Cerrito.

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Bunch of paper signs in the window that say “We are Esan.”

Any idea how long they have been up?