Lent fish fry season again Houston

The first week is always the best at the Polish Church on Blalock with longer lines as well. Starts at 530.



Oh Baby.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll pitch it to the posse.

PS Please move this to “TEXAS”.


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I tried apparently too late. Cash only, beer and wine available.

PS Please move this to “TEXAS”.

Mods help me out.

Is it just on Fridays???

To get the mods attention, Flag a post. They’ll see it sooner than if you just mention it in your text.

I did it and they changed it. Friday’s only and the Wifeacita stopped by for a plate and caveat emptor. The shrimp on the website with the ten dollar plate was fifteen and the catfish was twelve.

The fish pieces were small but tasty.

We’re doing St. Jerome’s on Kempwood and Hollister next week.

Thanks. I’ll check churches around here. I know one just south of me on S. Gessner has held one in the past but I haven’t heard anything about it this year and have never heard much about it. Can’t get the website to load. Can’t get any Catholic Church website around here to load tonight for some reason.

ETA: found a Facebook page; no mention of a fish fry.

Where has this frickin’ week gone? I just saw this and realized I hadn’t cased any of the places around here and I just got in from working in the yard and won’t be able to make it this week. Will try to remember next week.

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Me too.

I pitched it on too short of notice last week, but it totally slipped my mind this week.

Has anyone ever been to St. Basil’s on Eldridge for their Thursday spagetti lunch? I’ve been planning to go for years. I just need to calendar it.

I’ve told myself for years, ‘if I’m ever up in that part of town…’ Hasn’t happened yet. And it has been years.

Said the same thing for years about the famous one on Airline, was it? And I used to know a couple of people who went to one at a church on Bissonnet in WUP. Haven’t heard about any of those in a long time.

Let us know what you find.

I took a drive. St. Albert’s on Gessner has no banner in the yard about a fish fry. St. Thomas More on Hillcroft does, with something about awards for best fried and best baked?? What??? is this a cook-off??? Will check into it further.

In the meantime, I’m putting fish sticks on both my TJ’s and Aldi shopping lists. Fish sticks is what we got in the school cafeteria on Fridays back a millenium ago when I was in school; I’m getting nostalgic and misty eyed…


I brown bagged it in elementary school except fish stick Friday, no ketchup please.

We did Saint Jerome’s on Kempwood last night, more fish and less money than my friends at the Polish Church who have seriously let me down.

Saint Jerome’s also has better desserts.

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