Lent fish fry at the Polish Church on Blalock

They serve really good catfish starting this Friday plus boiled shrimp, fries, rings , and other sides with delicious dollar desserts, and beer and wine.

We’ll be there around 630.

No need to be Polish but I am.

Cash only.



No pierogis?? Sounds like a deal even so. I have become fond of catfish in the recent years.

As an aside, and since you noticed the other thread JC, I will say I appreciate our geographical forum’s dedication to all and only the food topics that is the common denominator amongst us.

I come here to get away from the angry missives of contemporary life and find the company here most relaxing, interesting and often humorous.

So anyway enough of that.

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So, we went last night. There was a 30 minute wait in line at 6 but it’s worth the wait. The catfish was good and hot, nice size shrimp, I’ll say 16-20 and coleslaw the Wifeacita loves.

We grabbed a couple of wines and took turns line standing. There was no line at 7 but I suggest getting there early to get hot fish. We got shorted 2 fish and a corn so count your fish. The nice ladies corrected it but then the table next to us was shorted two corns.

I exploded! That was the final straw. The priest lives on the church grounds so I pounded on his door and demanded compensation. I’d insert smiley wink face here but I just don’t do that. They were slammed and did a good job.

We’ll be back next Friday.

They have great cheesecake.


Almost fell for that!

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We went again last night. The good, nice hot catfish again but you have to pay three dollars more for boiled shrimp.

When our table mate discovered the Wifeacita spoke Espanish she launched into at least a thirty minute very one-sided conversation where the Wifeacita may have said twenty words. She was a nice lady.

The very bad. Some lowlifes broke in and stole all the fish fry equipment and some tools to the tune of 8 large, 8 thousand dollars for you not used to mob movie language. The church bought new ones. May they rot…

I’m nowhere near Houston but that’s one of the most depressing things I’ve read even during these trying political times.

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Thanks for the response, probably some gang punks.

Terribly typical these days.

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Nice alliteration.

The Wifeacita thinks twenty is too many.