Lent 2019 you know what that means.............................

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FILET O’ FISH COMMERCIAL !!! (I have to admit, I don’t think this is Mc Donalds best one)



Not their best but the sandwiches look good! My mothers health issues have her very detached from life, food, interacting with people. But she will perk up for a filet-o-fish! She always liked that sandwich.



Now it’s just a case of figuring out which locations near me are doing the 2 for 1 deal. I feel like I should claim religious discrimination against the ones that aren’t. :slight_smile:


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My aunt, who I never knew to be a fan of McD’s, loved their filet-o-fish and fries when she was in her 80s and 90s. She sat up and smiled whenever someone brought her that meal :sweat_smile:



My grandmother was that way about Steak n Shake. Her nursing home was directly behind a Steak n Shake location. I imagine the aroma must have driven the residents crazy, especially given how bland the diet often is at those facilities.

We are at the point where we no longer get stressed about what Mother is or isn’t eating. If it gives her enjoyment and she shows interest in the food it is enough.


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Amen! My 90-y-o mom lives with me and still enjoys “good” food. But we have pizza and cheesesteak deliveries more than I can ever remember.

My aunt was still in her home at 90+ and her 4 kids stressed, always trying to make her healthy foods . . . until they didn’t. Are McD’s fries going to kill a 90 year old? Is an ice cream sundae for lunch really that bad? As long as she enjoys eating, it’s good enough for me.

20 years ago dad drank Ensure. I bet he’d rather have had fries and a milkshake :expressionless:

(But we always smuggled chocolate :grinning:



I think you reach a turning point where you finally understand the clock is not going to turn back and that there is limited time remaining. Once that hit home we realized that trying to force her to eat “good” food was just miserable for everyone. At this point it might extend her live a small amount but her day to day reality would suck worse than it already does. So if junk food gives her some pleasure so be it.


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It’s sad but it’s true. Can I have mom when I’m 90?

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On a Filet-o-Fish visit with the family’s most venerable senior, we discovered that the ordering kiosk offered the avocado topping for the fancy McDonald’s sandwiches as a separate serving. It went over big for dunking the fries.


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For me this was in my mid-20’s and I haven’t looked back!



I meant it as understanding that the aged parent wasn’t going to regain health. Initially I think we equated good nutrition as a way to help heal. Took a little while before we understood this was simply the new reality and being “well” was not attainable.

The understanding you achieved was fortunate. I think it can help us live with fewer regrets and determine our best path forward when we “get it” earlier rather than later!

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Maybe…was she a child bride? :blush:

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Always one of the best McDonald sandwiches (Filet O Fish)



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Thanks. I absolutely remember the pineapple alternative. Man, I am glad that Filet O Fish was picked instead of a pineapple burger:

“But Kroc’s initial rejection of the idea may have come from a more selfish place. He had a meat alternative idea of his own, called the “Hula Burger,” a piece of grilled pineapple and cheese on a bun.”


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Checked out our local McD’s today. $4.19 for just the sandwich. I could have sworn it used to be $3.59 or $3.99 before. $7.29 for the meal. Since they advertise out front that any size soft drink is only $1 all the time this is certainly no Lent deal.:blush:

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Yes, agreed. The Lenten deal is supposed to be 2 for 1.

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Cost creep in fast food pricing is really depressing.



I stopped by a McDonald’s yesterday in the Research Triangle area. No BOGO deal but they were offering a double filet of fish - 2 filets/cheese on a bun for a tad more than the price of a regular FoF (around $4). A bit too awkward to eat while driving so I passed.

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Alas, she was in her 40s when her youngest child (me :slight_smile: was born.

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