Lemon (Mediterranean) in Freehold

Just saw mention of this on someone’s post on Instagram and I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anything about it on this board… Anyone have Intel?

ETA: the menu sure reads yummy… www.lemonNJ.com

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I’m bumping this up because I’m stunned not one of you has any comments…!

Was there talk of this place in the freehold thread?

Thanks for that suggestion! There is in fact mention of it in the freehold update thread… And people seem to like it, so I’ll have to give it a try!

I’m looking forward to your review. I went once way back when they opened and haven’t been back since for some reason long forgotten.

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I’m a fan. Very busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Not so much other days.

Been to Lemon a few times. I had a great lamb chop dish once (I think it was a Special because it is not on the Menu in the website).

It is a pretty good restaurant for a casual night out.

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Recent Saturday night visit. Place was crazy slammed. Was seated 40 minutes past ressie time. I was really pissed, my beer was getting warm, as was her chardonnay. Kept telling my wife we should leave as we were meeting up with friends later that night and would be crunched for time. I was in a terrible mood when we were finally seated. Due to the delay we had to skip starters. But then the warm pita bread with that creamy hummus hit the table. And I downed some beer on my nearly empty stomach. And then entrees of a pretty delicious bronzino for me and crab cakes for her. And, even though we really had to leave, I ordered the dessert special of almond cake. It was so good that I’m still thinking about it five days later. I eat at Lemon no more than a couple of times a year and wonder why I’m not there more often.


I have GOT to remember to go here…

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Which only goes to prove, good food forgives many issues.


As best we can we’re trying to support our local restaurants. One of our favorites is Lemon in Freehold. We’ve dined there many times and have gotten to know Chef Ash. He’s very hands-on, is always present and runs a first-rate establishment. Solid Mediterranean cuisine. Tonight we took advantage the price-fix takeout menu he put together; appetizer, entree and dessert for $30pp.

We started with complimentary pita with homemade hummus. For appetizers I had the Sicilian Rice Balls in a roasted garlic tomato sauce. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the Roasted Vegetable Moussaka. Our entree selections were Moroccan Chicken with couscous and the Lamb Shank with eggplant and mushroom farro. Dessert selections were Baklava and a Flourless Chocolate Torte. I’m not much of a wine drinker but my lamb went well with a Belgian Dubbel Ale while my wife enjoyed her meal with a Simple Life Chardonnay.

In speaking with Chef Ash, he’s trying to hold on and is hopeful to stay open with the takeout business but is very worried.


Looks really good and nice portion size as well

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Chef Ash for many years.
He is one of the most caring compassionate person I have ever known.
He has consistently made excellent food no matter where he is.
I believe he has been involved in the Freehold food scene for years.
I consider him my brother .
He is a survivor, try his food.