Legal Seafood Sold

Based on my last visit, clearly a change was needed.


Thanks for sharing. This news caught my eye as well. I’m a little saddened because certain locations of Legal used to be very reliable. Some locations were reliably disappointing, so there’s that too.

I’d expect that the stress the chain was under had more than a little do to with the poor experience you encountered there on your last visit. Sigh.

Another end of an era moment.


It sure is. It’s been a long time since Legal was my choice when there were other options but I have very good memories of it from 20 years or more ago. I am sure I am not the only one on this board who remembers the original, paper plates and all.


In a Boston accent, it’s hard to tell the difference between “end of an era” and “end of an error”.

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we used to go to the one in copley after a saturday matinee at the huntington and were never disappointed. their fried calamari was perfect.

but, i, too remember inman square. standing at the bar waiting for a shared tables, no credit cards, dishes brought out as they were ready so some people’s food got cold as the others waited.


I had forgotten that detail but you brought it right back. Good times.