Lee's Fried Chicken and Donuts - Houston

I found myself in the Heights today and needing some lunch. I tried to find Hunky Dory but couldn’t remember just where it was; by the time I spotted it, either they were closed after lunch or maybe they’re not even doing lunch service yet. So I went looking for this one which was a little easier to find, catty-corner from Revival on Heights at White Oak. It’s a small space, unrecognizable as a former Church’s, seating only about 15 or so. The place was very busy just before 3 pm.

I got a two piece with two sides. You get to pick your pieces and I asked for 2 thighs. The order was ready on the counter before the receipt had been printed. It was beautiful looking chicken, very juicy, not over-cooked, not at all spicy. It could have used a tiny bit of salt. A pretty thick crust adhered well to the pieces and was mildly crunchy. I got the Southern Potato Salad, with a mild, creamy, mustardy dressing, and the cole slaw. I prefer a vinegary slaw but this had only a very light creamy dressing and was okay. I’d order the PS again but try something other than the CS. The portions are rather small.

The greasiness/juiciness got to me and by the time I finished both pieces my hands were slick. I had four large but flimsy napkins but they were not adequate. Next time I’d check the underside of the pieces and maybe do some blotting.

It’s a bit pricey, $9.95 for the two piece with two sides, breasts are extra. A canned soda was $2.50.

I got a glazed cake donut to take home. I prefer cake donuts but its hard to find good ones around here, most are way too heavy. This was very good, one of the best I’ve had. It was only $1.25 for about a 3 oz donut; I’d rate that as a good price compared to the chicken and soda.

Verdict: I hadn’t been planning on trying this place out anytime soon so I’m glad I happened upon it. While it was good, I don’t foresee myself going all the way up to the Heights just to get some and if I’m in the area and stop in I think I’ll be more likely to get donuts than chicken. I’ll make a special trip to the original Frenchy’s on Dowling or for Al Aseel but I don’t foresee making a special trip for this.

However I am wishing I’d picked up a couple more donuts.