[Leeds] Dim sum recommendations for Leeds

Anyone got any recommendations for good dim sum in Leeds? Not high-end expensive, just the regular stuff. We’ll be there the Sunday before Chinese New Year (i.e. 19 Jan).

Only getting on a train to Manchester. :grinning:

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Ha! I have no objection to Manchester, but the point of this outing is to enjoy things in Leeds :smile:

I’m afraid I can only offer places in the Headingley district, where I stayed a couple of times when I was doing some research at the University. Not dim sum, I’m afraid but:

Salvo - very decent Italian

Sukhothai - decent enough neighbourhood Thai

Bryan’s - landmark chippy restaurant

Olive Tree - friendly Greek

Thanks! We have the other meals for the main part of the weekend planned out — it’s just dim sum not yet sorted — but I’m going up a few days early so may well try out one of those.

If you only do one, do the chippy. It’s “proper northern”.

And I ask for “scraps”, right? :smiley: