Leadership fail. Disheartening.

I just don’t get it. Swimming in wealth and creature comforts, and this guy chooses to stay a predator.

It’s not “and this guy chooses.” It’s “so this guy chooses.” When you’re a) insulated from repercussions, and b) not a decent human being, obviously you just do whatever the hell you want. It’s not like we don’t see this on the teevee every day.


Point well taken.

Not the first CEO who couldn’t resist dipping his nuggets into the company honey mustard. Won’t be the last sadly.


Sure, not agree with his nuggets /honey mustard approach, but given that he got 40 million, he could just give each lady a million, he can keep 37 million instead of losing everything, or maybe there were just too many of them?!

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Not really related to this case. I read that the fast food giant prohibits “any kind of intimate relationship between employees in a direct or indirect reporting relationship”. Does it mean that husband and wife couldn’t work in the same company?

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I had some problems with a similar phrasing: I worked in the Computer Center at Bell Labs and the new(er) Code of Conduct/Intellectual Property Agreement they wanted me to sign said I could not accept gifts from anyone for whom I might give any preference to. I pointed out that included my husband and I was not going to stop getting gifts from him. Luckily, I managed to find the copy of the old(er) CoC/IPA that I had signed and people who had previously signed the agreement did not have to sign the new one.

These things (as with a lot of agreements, etc., are written by people who just don’t think them through. (Sort of like my physics teacher in high school saying everyone had to wear a jacket and tie for some class trip–so I did, which didn’t exactly please him, “Evelyn” in my case being a girl’s name.)


How would paying off his victims help the company recoup his severance package, which is what the lawsuit is about?

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I read more on the case, it was the company’s server they found the private communications. Wrong presumptions on my part. Actually, they aren’t victims as those were consensual relationships, none of the women came out to sue the guy.

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Underlying all those guidelines about sexual relationships in the workplace is that a relationship between the CEO of a company and one of his employees can never be fully consensual. He has power over them.