Le Tout-Paris

My partner is celebrating a birthday next Saturday in Paris. He is an interior designer and is wanting to see the Cheval Blanc. I made a dinner reservation at Le Tout-Paris. I don’t see any real reviews of the food. Are we making a mistake?

If it were me, I’d go for a cocktail in the bar area…last I was there you didn’t need to reserve, but double check. (I don’t think the outside part of the bar will be open next week, but he wants to see the place and view, I reckon…) My French friends have warned of “meh” food. For special food in a place that’s new-ish and might tickle his designer chops, perhaps somewhere like Géosmine? On the way to drinks, you may want to stop by Samaritaine if your partner has not seen the renovation yet…

If Géosmine doesn’t appeal, I’m sure others could help suggest a celebratory spot. (I liked Oktobre, but not fancy.)

Thank you for your thoughts. We are booked for dinner on May 11 and were hoping it might be warm enough to sit outside. Not sure that’s reason enough to go. My partner has a serious fish and seafood allergy and tasting menus can be somewhat problematic. We prefer places with a few a la carte choices.
I’ll check out Oktobre.

Maybe also ask if they can accommodate your partner’s allergy. Perception is another tasting menu spot, but reviews say they accommodated vegetarian, so almost certainly they could accommodate your partner. I have not been, but it sounds like it would be celebratory meal.

Finally, if you end up at Le Tout, please do report back? And a happy birthday to your partner!

Strong second for Perception. It is the restaurant I am most looking forward to returning to next month.