Le Rendez-Vous Bistro - Kenilworth

(Eli Paryzer) #1

Le Rendez-Vous Bistro is a very charming and tiny little BYO French restaurant (10 tables) that recently celebrated their 14th Anniversary. I have never heard of this restaurant before, since I am not familiar with Kenilworth. About 2 months ago, I noticed a post in another food forum that was raving about this restaurant, so Mrs. P & I decided to give it a try last month. Chef/owner Philippe Lievre is very sweet and talented. The night we went he was working the kitchen all by himself, where he makes almost everything from scratch. Below was the main menu that night. He also had a special 4 course tasting menu for $60.00, but we ate off of the ala carte menu.

We started off with a very flavorful Lobster Bisque soup that contained huge chunks of nicely seasoned crab meat (which I later found out that the chef very generously comped us). We did share a couple of glasses of some nice French red blends with him.

Next we had the Escargot a la Nicoise which was nice & light, and very different than the usual heavy creamy garlicky preparation. The escargot were very tender.

We also had the Salad Chevre which was very good and filled with big chunks of blue cheese. The goat cheese croustillant had a nice little crust to it.

Unfortunately, the chef sold out of the Rabbit entree on Saturday night. I was really looking forward to it. However, the Pan seared duck breast with the most incredible homemade coq au vin ravioli was a worthy replacement.

Mrs. P had the Plancha, which featured bites of 4 different types of fish, and really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, we were too full for dessert, but they looked amazing, and are all made in house. You can see that Chef Philippe puts a lot of care and love into his cooking. I would highly recommend this restaurant, if you are in the vicinity. It was well worth the 45 minute drive for us. Just make sure to make reservations, especially on Friday or Saturday nights, since it is such a tiny restaurant. The restaurant is currently closed until the end of this week. The chef is vacationing in Colombia (where his wife is from). He hopes to get some inspiration for some French/Colombian fusion dishes for his upcoming Spring menu. We need to find a way to add this excellent restaurant into our very tight dining rotation.