Le Pier 66 (Mtl)

Hey friends,

I’ll be back in my beloved hometown in a couple of weeks and so I’ve been doing a bit of research into newer restaurant openings. Le Pier 66 on Bernard caught my eye. Does anyone know what this space used to be? I love the interior decor; it’s a beautiful space.

Can anyone offer some feedback?

Also, what type of meal is it best suited to; brunch, dinner, etc?

I’m thinking about making a 7pm Sunday evening dinner res. and would appreciate your opinions.

Also any info on the following?

Hoogan & Beaufort
Nini Meatball House

I understand Foxy is the new dining room for the O&G kitchen. It seems to have mixed reviews on Yelp.
Etat-Major got a solid write-up from Chesterman recently. Nini looks like more of a lunch place.

Would love to get some feedback or thoughts on any of the above; particularly Foxy though.

It looks like Etat-Major is a BYOW and H&B is not really my scene as it’s all the way out in Hoch-Mais, and I’m not partial to the sprawling open dining space and modern industrial looking interior. Nini has gotten panned from all the write-ups I’ve come across; it sounds like a gimmick.

So I’m really only interested in Le Pier 66 and Foxy.

I have tentative reservations at both places although there are zero reviews online for Pier 66 and Foxy has garnered mixed feedback. I’m also not sure whether to just do brunch or lunch at Pier 66 or whether we should keep our dinner reservation.


I don’t know Bernard that well so I don’t remember what it used to be

Sorry, I’m behind on new restaurants so I don’t know about the one you listed. I know Foxy, Etat Major and Nini by name but haven’t been there yet. Nini and Foxy are on my list.

You’ve had bad experiences with O&G?

sorry, my anger is off-topic.

It sounds like you’ve had a negative experience with Foxy… care to send me a private message?

I’d be curious to get your 0.02

no, just the owner. No big deal, please go and enjoy yourself.

Fair enough. Was your experience with O+E or the new restaurant? I’m still waiting to get more feedback before deciding (I’ve made a tentative reservation to be safe) though I’m leaning towards Pier 66 over Foxy. Perhaps we’ll stop in for a drink, just to check it out.

On another note, is Agrikol worth a visit for the rum selection alone? We don’t have enough time for a meal and as a non-local (ex pat) I’m not particularly interested in Haitian/Carribean on our upcoming trip. We spend enough time in Miami (Little Haiti) for that good stuff. We recently spent 2 weeks in New Orleans as well, so the Creole dishes aren’t calling to me. It looks like a fun space though and both my wife and myself are big rum enthusiasts. Is it worth a visit on that strength alone?

it’s personal, ob. when someone is a nasty piece of work, I tend to not want them to have my money. as I said earlier, thanks for the heads-up.

Actually, Hoogan et Beaufort is in Rosemont. Why is État-Major being a byow a problem; no time to pick up good bottles? That is in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve though, on Ontario St.

It’s not a deal breaker per se, I’m just in town for a short period of time and not interested in a byow; it’s been noted for future trips though.

Just a quick update that we attempted to go on two occasions and left due to the extremely uncomfortable temperature in the room, which was hot and stifling; no circulation whatsoever. The place looks great but it was completely unwelcoming and empty on both visits. They had a few ceiling fans spinning frivolously and the windows opened to Bernard in temps pushing 90. I can’t believe that anyone would want to sit in a room like that and order fish; not usually a good indicator of freshness. The front staff were very nice and I hope they’re still around for our next visit as I’d still very much like to give it a try. Anyhow, I can’t judge the kitchen because we ended up at Foxy instead, which was the best meal of the trip. We had the house feta with cucumber, dill and fresh summer peaches; the flatbread with wild mushrooms; the clams (wife’s favorite!) and a really killer charred white fish which I don’t remember more about. The asparagus side was the best prep of a simple staple that I’ve had, California incl. dessert was a housemade berry sorbet and a delicious rhubarb tart. Cocktails were well balanced and well crafted too. Definitely going into regular rotation; I only wish it had opened while I was still living in the neighborhood.

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