Le Minet Galant, Paris 2e

I read about Le Minet Galant in a recent issue of SAVEUR magazine. Updated classics. Has anyone tried it?

Thank you for the heads-up!
With a perfect 5.0 rating on Tripadvisor and 4.8 Google rating…their gorgeous, greaseless looking, deboned fried whole Sea Bass alone was enough to give them a try. I might just freeze up one of my upcoming trips ‘Bistro Spot’ to pay this place a visit?!

It’s very new and I never heard of it. Looking at what seems a very predictable menu and given the abundance of good trad restos in Paris, am unlikely to try it. But I’d love to know how it ended up in the pages of Saveur… just another “happen to know” by some quick-visit food writer ?

BTW, Le Minet Galant is located on rue Saint-Saveur, one of my favourite street food streets. i.e. Groot (savoury “tourte”) and Cantine Yemma (Moroccan) as well as a great street for trendy cocktail and wine bars like Experimental Cocktail Club, Jefrey’s, A La Main, Sof’s. etc. And for restaurants, the very new “cool kids” hangout Halo (bistronomique), cheffed by a Top Chef 2023 contestant, is very good and enjoyable but probably a bit unsuitable for the older Hung On types.

I misspoke. It was featured in SAVEURS, the French magazine, not SAVEUR, the American. Dec-Jan issue.
But are we talking about the same place? The website gives its address as 8, rue Monsigny.

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A recent article I read by Figaro ( Japan edition ) said this place offers ’ modern take on traditional French bistro fare '.

So do scores and scores of other good bistronomique restos in Paris. But judging from Minet Galant’s menu which offers, oh dear, French onion soup and escargots, more trad than bistronomique. The pics do show, however, a fondness for green onions as a garnish which could be taken as a modern touch.