Le Marais Bakery opening new location [SF, Castro]

According to a report on Eater. Has anyone had any experience with the Chestnut Street or Ghirardelli Square locations?

I have been to the Chestnut Street one. It was boring and I was totally underwhelmed, and service was standoffish to nonexistent. Many on Y**p seem to agree.

Same. I’ve gotten one or two mediocre things at the Chestnut Location, and each afternoon I get new shoes nearby I pop in and find nothing to tempt me. Are there better selections in the morning?

Still, it’s better than no bakery in the neighborhood. i expect that they might do a thing or two that are especially good. Other than Castro Tarts and one bread bakery around the corner from the Castro Theater and down a block, I don’t recall any bakeries there.

Unless, of course, you count Tartine.

Well, this is all very depressing. And here I thought there might be some hope for this neighbourhood…

No one seems to know about…Hearth Coffee Roasters has a very good baker, on 17th right where the F Muni car loads…Thorough Bread is a good French bakery with breads, pastries and fine deserts - on Church just south of Market, across the street from Chow.

Both are worth supporting.

I’ve been to both. Hearth is a bit overpriced, and supply varies - there are only a few items typically, and they sell out. Last time I tried to pick up a breakfast pastry they didn’t have anything suitable. But thanks for the reminder, I should keep trying. I was not impressed with Thorough, neither breads nor pastries. But that was just one visit. I pass through that intersection reasonably often, I could try again.

I have to wonder what it was that you didn’t like about Thorough Bread. It’s run by Michel Suas, who among other really impressive things is a partner in b patisserie. They also have my favorite baguette in SF.

Everyone has their own taste. I like Thorough Bread, but can’t bear the dry pastries and sterile environment at the pretentious and overrated, yet much-loved, Craftsmen & Wolves.

It was more than two years ago, so I don’t remember exactly what disappointed me. I did buy a baguette, and two kinds of croissants (probably plain and chocolate). I promise to try again, though I can’t eat baguettes right now, due to orthodontic work.