Le Grand Bain, Paris (Edward Delling-Williams)

I just learned that Edward Delling-Williams new venue, LE GRAND BAIN, has opened in Belleville. D-W was the exec chef at Au Passage and guiding hand at opening Martin.

We had some of our best meals at dinner at Au Passage when it was under his command. He told us at that time that he was looking forward to striking out on his own. It’s been a long process, about a year, As he is just open, I haven’t much info on the food, but look forward to find out for my self on our next visit.

The hours are brilliant: Thursday through Monday, covering those annoyingly difficult weekend/Monday closures.

Good luck and a’bientôt!

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A brief follow up. We visited LGB last month. Long chalkboard of small plates. What we ordered was excellent and substantial. Excellent service. Loud music was only niggle. I understand that Sunday lunch is a pris fixe “roast” menu.

Good to know that. What were your favourite dishes?

i went in march. i thought it was ok but nothing id go back to. the celeriac tonnato was the most memorable dish we had. i recall some lukewarm razor clams with scant salsa verde, a bavette steak with some crispy potatoes, some chickpea fritters.

service was friendly and the place was buzzing but here in nyc, the food they served could be found at any wine bar really. cheap dinner though!