Le Diner en Blanc - Boston

ive stumbled upon this event in Paris a few times (by accident). I guess Boston has done it a few times now. It is tagged as “the world’ chicest picnic”. Everyone wears white, overtakes some location and brings their own food …

I guess it is this weekend (Sept 9th). Anyone going? anyone been?

Sorry, can’t make it if it’s in Paris. Where might it be if in Boston?

No idea. That is part of the event - you have to sign up, they don’t tell you where it will be. You meet at a predetermined location/time and then they tell you where it is right before the event. Everyone gets on the metro and descends on the location, sort of flash mob style.

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Any reports from this year?

Hmmmmm. Well we went. It was our first time and I’m not sure what I thought … it was a very mixed experience.

First - it was something like 1600 people - all in white with white tablecloths, white chairs, white plates etc etc etc. this year it happened on the greenway. It was a beautiful night and we had fun with the people around us. For those reasons we would do it again.

However - our personal experience of getting to the event was less than pleasurable. We were practically the last group to arrive. We were at the periphery of the event. Had an insanely long walk to get there. Could hardly hear the music and didn’t realize there was a dance floor until 3/4 of the way through the event. For those reasons we wouldn’t go again.

So all in all - the event was fun but for logistic reasons we will give it one more try and see how it goes.

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Sounds like a major cluster that is a must-miss.
Sorry You Only Half Enjoyed,

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Like I said we will give it one more go if we can. But since everyone brings their own everything - the event is in large part only an excercise in coordinating a very large number of people - so in that sense it wasn’t good for us. But with 1600 people I’m sure you could find hundreds who had very different experiences.

Our food was delicious too :wink:


This was a radish pass-off opportunity missed! :wink:

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Aaah good point. I was scrambling finding all this white stuff.

We had:
Course one - cheese and charcuterie
Course two - lobster and corn chowder
Course three - apple galette

It was delicious if I have to toot my own horn. :wink:


Dah Dah daaaahhhhhh!

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