Le Creuset 31 dutch oven - $175

The first of (I hope) a number of items I’m hoping folks here will appreciate.

A dark blue (I think it’s ‘Cobalt’) Le Creuset enameled Dutch oven. Model #31. 6.5 qt

As you can see, it’s spotless. It may have never been used.

Asking $175 + shipping. I can deliver (free!) within an hour’s drive of the greater Sacramento, CA area.


I’ll be watching for additional posts. This is my favorite shade of blue, but a quick check seemed to say that it weighs 14 pounds, empty?

They’re definitely heavy. But wonderful, I love mine.

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My bathroom scale says 13 lbs and change, so yeah.

I’m out of town for a couple days, but I can price out actual shipping cost when I get back if you’re interested.

Given the reported weight, this is the 6 3/4Q model, current retail price is $445.


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Gosh that’s a beauty. Like you said, looks unused, unless maybe to boil pasta. And your price is very decent.

My wife would kill me if I bought another one, though. I already have 2 of the similar LC at 7.5 quart, due to a goof on my part.

Maybe buy to save for a wedding present??

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I’ll pass on this, Lectroid. Hope it goes to someone from here who will love it. I’ll keep watching for other items.

That’s actually a good idea, given I have 3 daughters. Except I got D1 an LC for her wedding, D2 one just because she needed, and D3 another not long after.

And I still have 2 large (7.5 qt) and one middling (5.5 qt) here in the house. All of our nieces are married. Damn. Just discussed with wife and D3 again and they keep telling me “NO”.


Won’t you be invited to any other weddings?

Seems like a great bargain. I already own one, don’t need another.

I’m about aged out of the wedding scene (i.e., all our kid’s church/school friends who seem to be the marrying type are mostly married).

And my problem is I already have 3 LC DOs. Doh!