Le Continental (Quebec city) report

Here is a report that seemed to be appreciated on chowhound. Reposting it here so it might help.

I have tried Le Continental in Quebec City yesterday.

Le Continental is an old school french restaurant where tableside french-style service is still prevalent. The tartare is cut at the table, the cesar salad made tableside and meats, ducks and crèpes are flambéed on small carts in style. It was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Quebec edition and is often spoken of when american critics visit the city.

The restaurant is as imagined. Located right in the hearth of the old quebec, you are seated and served in style. Carts abound and you really get why this type of service is not prevalent as there are way more servers than in a regular restaurant and the coordination looks pretty complex to iron out. I chose the filet mignon en boite, a filet mignon flambéed tableside and served with a demi glace wine sauce. It is a classic of the house. It was exceptional, as one might expect and is served with a “token” side of a few carrots and puréed potatoes. The star of the show is clearly the filet mignon. I have tasted better demi glace wine sauce but not often and this was an excellent representation of the style. Its a bit expensive (around 50$) but it is worth it if you consider the service, the cut and the quality of the sauce.

The main course was paired with a glass of red chosen by the server that, while not being exceptional, was fine and did the job.

I finished with Crèpe Suzette flambée au Grand Marnier. Its a dessert for two and is 35$. It was a great representation of the style, not too filling (you get 3 small crèpes each) and very delicate. We were joking that we hoped we got 35$ worth of “french style” crèpes and not 35$ worth of “american style” crèpes (i.e.: an everest mountain of crèpes). Its the french sort and I was happy to see it since I was a bit full. I am glad I have tasted it but I would not order it again since its probably 15$ too expensive (I will gladly pay 10$ per person for this but 17.50$ is a bit too expensive).

Definitely a place to consider if you prefer quality over value. It is a bit expensive but totaly worth it for the experience and taste.

I will come back to try the tartare and the cesar salad.

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