Le Colonial in Chicago!

We went to Dearborn Pub, but only the fried cherry pie was really worth mentioning. I keep hearing about sour Michigan cherries in the garden, and in cooking, and just had to try them. The pie was really good!

But today, before heading to the airport and back home (where there is expected high of 107 :sweat:, we went to Le Colonial, for what was our best meal of the trip!

Mocktails; “Spring” with pineapple, mango, etc al; a bit sweet for me, but husband loved it!

And “Autumn”, with pear, cranberry, lemongrass, etc . Perfect!

Then appetizers:
A crispy pork and shrimp roll

And a pan fried chicken dumpling, which husband said didn’t need his usual generous splashes of the accompanying sauce

For our mains, a spicy chicken stir fry

And shaking beef, which was a bit sweet, but might have been the best thing I’ve eaten…this year☺️

We even enjoyed desert! a vanilla creme brulee.

Coconut pana cotta, with just the right juggle, diced mango, and an intensely flavored mango sorbet, and


Are both these places in Chicago?


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If you can still edit, would be helpful to add that to the title.

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Oh man, the mention of Le Colonial brings back lots of good memories. It was where my friends (both starving grad students, one Vietnamese and the other Chinese who grew up in Vietnam) and I (starving lab assistant at U of Chicago) would splurge to celebrate happy events. Can’t believe that they are still there!

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