Lazeez, Sudanese in Flatlands, Brooklyn

Last month @SteveR and I met at the Weeksville Heritage Center in Crown Heights for the first afternoon of their Juneteenth celebration. A brief stroll around the grounds turned up no food that enticed us, but I’d come with a backup plan, and Steve had his car.

We drove to Lazeez, a tiny storefront on Flatbush Ave. about a mile southeast of Brooklyn College. Late last year the website Muslim Foodies identified it as the first and only Sudanese restaurant in the city.

The wall menu didn’t give much indication of the meal we had in mind. However, very quickly the counterwoman handed each of us a meat sambuxa …

… which might have been what the wall menu described as a chicken patty. Steve and I ordered kofta and fried fish, then sat down at a small table. By and by two other women arrived – I gather that the first woman had called in reinforcements – and one of them pulled a second small table alongside ours. Not to sit down, but to allow room for more food, which kept coming above and beyond our original order.

Chicken kofta.

Cheese sambuxas.

Stuffed pepper and eggplant.

Fried tilapia.


More sweets, and coffee. There was a platter-sized green salad with cherry tomatoes in there, too. We did end up eating (and paying for) much more than we expected, including those sweets that went home (with me). It’s a good thing we left Weeksville without eating (which, for that matter, is how I arrived there).

I can’t put my finger on the seasoning of the kofta, which I really enjoyed, or the filling of the pepper and eggplant. Perhaps Steve, who detected cardamom in the coffee, can say more.


It’s possible that I could id the kofta seasoning if I thought about it soon after the meal, but now I cant recall the specific taste. What I can recall is that I thought this was a throwback to the early CH experiences, finding a real home cooking type of place, without pretense and lovingly made. (sounding too much like Leff?) Small place, can probably fit 8-10 with advance notice. Read the Muslim Foodies review for other good dishes on offer.


Sounds about right.

Thanks for this! Looks amazing! I’m hungry!

If memory serves correctly, lazeez means tasty in Arabic.

I’m mostly unfamiliar with Sudanese food, save for a couple of rounds while living in Jeddah.
There’s a neighborhood called Karantina – yes, it means “quarantine” – which superficially is an outlook-not-so-good area. However, it’s the place to be for Sudanese (and Chadian) bites.

Here’s my blurry photo of one of the meals.
We’ve got some delicious * khabaz albayta* (pita), really good barbecued beef and lamb, ful medames (broad beans), vegetable stews, and green shatta, or hot sauce.
It was pretty darn good bbq.


Yes, Arabic coffee – qahwa – often would have cardamom, ginger, saffron, or cloves.

Here’s a germane photo from the Saudia airline lounge in Jeddah airport:

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