Laylak Toronto

Adding pics for now as the trek back in the snowstorm wasn’t pretty :slight_smile:


The menu reminded me a lot of Amal offering (though maybe we ordered almost the same combo) the place is nice an interesting space for starters. Lots of wines in the list and priced all over and they do push a lot of them.
I stuck to a primitivo with the main.
The trio dip was decent
I enjoyed the muhammara and Baba ganouj. The labneh was decent as well though I am not a fan but the other person enjoyed it.
Three pita bread is nice and dense and brown flour so unusual a bit.
The main BBQ grill was decent as well. I enjoyed the kebabs as seasoned well. The filet was a bit over cooked though I think due to the other person on the table wanting it medium. Chicken decent again.
We ordered a side of fries and they were quite good piping hot and toum which packed a wallop.
I would recommend this spot as one can do a lot worse for a lot more in this area.
Oddly it’s either I haven’t been in the area during weekdays for ages maybe the financial district was eeriely empty


Those photos look great! Very unexpected for the financial district as you mentioned.