Lavash - Fab Persian Restaurant - Inner Sunset, SF

I’ve not eaten out a lot in the Sunset, especially not in recent years, but a friend wanted to try Lavash, and I love Persian food. I’d been wanting to try the Persian place on Harrison, Anar, but since she picked this place, we went. I had two Persian BFs, back to back, when i was younger, and subsequently worked in a Persian restaurant for a little while, in So. Cal., so i ate a lot of Persian food for a good 6-7 years, i learned a bit about it, and have cooked a little of it in the past.

Lavash is the real deal. Three of us split the three salad trio: shiraz (cukes, shallots, tomatoes, mint, lime juice(, a yogurt salad, which i think had cukes in it, and mast-o-musir - labni and shallots - the perfect dip with their lavash, which is cut into little squares. they also brought to the table a standard dish of mint, tomatoes, cukes, feta (or feta-like) cheese and the same lavash. very refreshing, all of it. the mast-o-musir was excellent, in particular, and would make a great party kdip. we also ordered the Kashk-E Bademjam - an incredibly delicious concoction of roasted eggplant (bademjan) with garlic, cheese, saffron and turmeric. so deeply flavorful, i could have eaten a whole bowlful.

My friends ordered the kabobs, one the koobideh, the other the juujeh. koobideh is a mixture of ground lamb and beef shaped around the flat kabob iron, the other is chicken marinated in lime, olive oil & saffron. both come served on a bed of basmati rice topped with saffron rice, a broiled tomato (not cooked enough - you’re supposed to be able to smoosh it into the rice), all served on a big rectangle of lavash for scooping, and a little greenery on the side. The rice was super buttery, but every grain distinct. the koobideh had a little edge to it, something i couldn’t place, but was nice and juicy. i didn’t taste the chicken. for my main, i got the baghali polo - one of my favorite dishes from days gone by, of lamb shank with turmeric and saffron, served with basmati rice with fresh dill and lima beans mixed in. It was a perfect rendition. Love the combo of fatty lamb with dill. Their is a container of citrusy sumac on each table to sprinkle on the rice, which i did, liberally. It was all wonderful, very homey. This dish is the only prep i like lima beans in. the lamb was very tender. The portion was huge, and i had enough for lunch tomorrow while leaving stuffed.

a perfect Persian meal, and i can’t wait to go back and try their other dishes. three of us had two appetizers, plus their little thrown-in lavash/cheese/mint thing, three entrees, and a bottle of wine, and it the bill came to $113.

i only took a couple of pics, and they’re not great, but just to give you an idea…


On my bucket list for 2017, thanks!

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I’ve had really good meals and take out at Lavash too. It’s a charming, small neighborhood place. I’ve tried most of the kebabs, the salted yogurt drink, and the salad trio. The mast-o-musir is addictive. I also like how the lavash under the kebabs gets saucy by the end of the meal.

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Thanks for the report. What would a superior rendition of baghali polo be like relative to an average one? A hole in the wall Persian restaurant near my home has it as their Friday special, so I have been wondering about it.

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you know, i have no idea. it just tasted very fresh. I’ve eaten it in Persian restaurants before, but mostly in people’s homes. this was a very good version. The favas were firm but not undercooked, the dill assertive but not overpowering, the lamb very tender without being overly fatty. The grains of rice were very separate and distinct. hope that helps.

Got it. Thanks!

Had a meal from Lavash.

Liked the gheymeh bademjan. Tomato-y stew with roasted eggplant, yellow split peas, chunks of stew beef and French fries. Came with saffron rice. Tomato stew was bright and flavorful. Eggplants were fragrant after roasting with plenty of ‘infusion’ from the tomato sauce. The stew beef had a coarse texture that detracted. Overall, yummy dish. Humongous portion though I’d prefer them to make the dish smaller but use better quality meat.

Is it common to put french fries into this dish? Thought it was odd for a Persian dish.

The quite sweet adas polo was not quite my thing though I am guessing it’s probably quite a thing with the Persians. Rice with plenty of raisins, dates, green lentil. The saffron chicken was nicely marinated though a little dry. The raisins and the dates give the dish a very sweet flavor, like a dessert. The lentil was undercooked, and the raisins were rather dry so they together gave a rather coarse texture. Next time I will look for something more savory.

Plenty of lavash, sumac and herbs like basil, to dunk into the stew, soak up the sauce, and have a DIY wrap.

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sounds like you had an uneven meal there. I don’t know the dish, but i would also think fries are not typical of a Persian dish.

I still want to go back and try other dishes! Thanks, now i know what to stay away from.

When you go back please let us know. Would love to hear about their other dishes!

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will do!