L'Autochtone Taverne Americaine [Temiskaming Shores] [Northeastern Ontario]

Ontario’s northern towns typically feature family-oriented restaurants that feature burgers, steaks, salads, maybe pasta, and a few things for the kids. If you are lucky, they do a pickerel dinner and do it well. There is also usually at least one Chinese-Canadian restaurant if you want some chop suey, sweet and sour chicken balls, egg foo yung, and fried rice.

So L’Autochtone stands out as something very different. The chef/owner is Anishinaabe and so the food draws from Indigenous as well as local English and French backgrounds. And it is also more sophisticated than typical local restaurants, as the chef trained at the Stratford Chef School and has worked at other restaurants before opening his own place. They are also perhaps the only place to get creative craft cocktails in this neck of the woods.

I work regularly in northeastern Ontario so I get a chance to eat here fairly often. So this night I tried some dishes that were new to the menu:

I ordered the cocktail special, which was called Sommelier’s Bouquet. It combined a homemade grape reduction, Hendricks gin, vermouth, rose water, and elderflower syrup. It was light, very floral, and refreshing. For food, I tried the broccolini “Caesar”, which featured blanched broccolini, anchovy breadcrumbs, thick smoked bacon, caperberries, and drizzled with a garlicky Caesar dressing. Fun and very tasty.

For a main, I had another new dish: ravioli filled with lobster, with a poached half-lobster tail, a saffron-tomato-leek sauce, and gremolata. The ravioli were lovely, supple and not overcooked. The sauce was tangy and balanced. The only disappointment was the poached lobster tail, which seemed likely frozen and lacked the texture of fresh lobster.

A new dessert was a buttermilk frybread donut, glazed with caramel sauce, and served with candied peanuts, crumbled sponge toffee, and chantilly cream. This was great. The frybread was light and not oily (they used to a great main with a large frybread smothered with bison chili) and the rest was decadent but not overwhelming.

Definitely a place to visit if you find yourself in Ontario’s northeast.


Meal #2 at L’Autochtone. Again, stuck with mainly new (to me) dishes on the menu.

First up, Sweet Dreams - chamomile-infused bourbon, blueberry syrup, honey, lemon juice, egg white. A fun mix of floral and fruity.

Wendigo egg. This is a longtime favourite on the menu. It is basically a version of a devilled egg, with the white pickled with beet juice and the whole thing decorated with a spicy salsa roja, candied smoked bacon, and chive. Nice mix of mild sourness, sweet from the bacon, creaminess from the yolk mixture, with a bit of kick.

This is another new pasta on the menu - Roast Mushroom Gnocchi. The gnocchi are pan-seared, so they are a bit crispy on the outside and supple inside. The mushrooms a mixed with a miso-based wine sauce that enhances their overall umami. And the parmesan crisp adds a bit of fun.

For dessert I had the chocolate banana budino. The banana was roasted and was nicely carmelized. The budino was milk chocolate-based but not too sweet. Chocolate crumb, dark rum, and chantilly cream added some flourish.


Beautiful meals! https://www.lautochtone.com/

I’m in northeastern Ontario visiting friends for the long weekend, so I had a chance to have dinner at L’Autochtone last night:

Locally-grown haskap berries are in season (also picked some up at the grocery store), so the cocktail Haskap Mishap is back on the menu:

  • Beattie’s vodka, haskap berry syrup, Fever Tree yuzu lime soda, fresh rosemary - lovely sour, vaguely grape-ish flavour from the haskap, plus citrus from the soda and herbal from the rosemary.

A new appetizer is the Elotes Aztec street corn:

  • sweet corn on the cob, roasted to have a bit of char, then covered with crema, cilantro, chili, cotija cheese, and fresh lime - scrumptious.

Another new menu item is the bison poutine:

  • their great haystack fries, with local smoked cheese curds, braised bison short rib, balsamic espresso gravy, and chives - crispy fries as usual, lovely short rib (wish there was more of it), and a tangy sauce that balances what could otherwise be a rich dish.

And to finish off, the fry bread donut du jour:

this time a s’mores version, filled with chocolate sauce, covered with roasted marshmallow and graham crumble - a fancier (and heftier) version of the campfire treat.


Very nice!

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Went to L’Autochtone this weekend on the patio. They turned a heat lamp on for me as it was a bit brisk. Food was excellent as usual.

Cocktail special featured spiced rum, house made pumpkin syrup, and soda. A bit sweet, but nice clove and nutmeg hints.

One special entree was pork tenderloin, moist and nicely seared, with a peppercorn sauce and rice that had a chilli kick.

The other special was a spaghettini with a lovely tomato sauce and shrimp. Because the shrimp wasn’t sustainably sourced, I asked for just the pasta and they charged me only $8 for it.


I love that you’ve been able to revisit this place.

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After receiving notice that this place is closing (thanks for the tip Phoenikia), I made one last visit tonight. The menu has already shrunk to a few items, but was still very enjoyable.

Princess Leia - Empress gin, St-Germain, grapefruit juice, prosecco, and strawberries. Made in honour of May the 4th, I requested it one day late. It was light, floral, and not too sweet.

And for old time’s sake, a Haskap Mishap (don’t worry, it was a lot later and I was walking back to my accommodations): Beattie’s vodka, local haskap syrup, Fevertree yuzu and lime soda, rosemary. Lovely dark berry notes from the haskap and the aromatics of the yuzu and rosemary.

Wendigo Egg: beet-pickled devilled egg, with salsa roja, candied bacon, and chive. A perfect little nibble.

21-oz sous vide ribeye steak, served with matchstick fries, lemon pepper may, and cowboy sauce (basically a BBQ sauce). Tender and juicy, with great fries as always.

Frybread donut, with strawberry-rhubarb sauce and roasted marshmallow. Decadent and a fitting finish.


I am glad that you were able to visit!

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Thanks for the link.

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What a shame


Indeed. What a shame to lose such a great talent. More so that he didnt get a chance to pass along his vision to the next generation.


It is a shame. He was training several people in the kitchen over the years, so I hope there was something passed on to others.