Laurel Phila- Meal of the Year!

We met the chef (Eddie) at a Top Chef dinner at Heirloom Kitchen. He’s a super nice guy and makes amazing food so we decided to drive down to Phila to try his restaurant, Laurel.


There are two choices, a six or nine course tasting menu. We went for the nine course menu and I have to say, this meal was amazing. From the amuse to the last, (surprise) second dessert, each and every dish was incredible. Not only was each dish beautiful, but had so many flavors and layers…

Service was super professional yet casual, (as was this entire 28 seat restaurant). Another great feature was it was a BYOB, even though they have a full bar and liquor license. We brought great wines and they paired great with the food.

If you want to try a very special place run by a super talented chef (who is a humble as they come), take a drive to Phila., and go to Laurel…in one word, AMAZING!!

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