Latest vs New

I’m just wondering what the difference is between the two. I just posted a new topic and it showed up under latest but not new? :confused:

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I had the same confusion at launch.

It shows up as “new” to the rest of us - you posted it so it isn’t new to you.

When someone else posts to it, it will keep being bumped up in the latest.

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I agree with Thimes. I think new posts are the original posts are newest and you haven’t read. Once you click on it, then it should no longer be a new post to you. I guess in theory, you have read your own new post, so it isn’t new to you.

Latest posts are posts with the latest replies.

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I wish there was a “today’s posts” setting available. I have trouble remembering what category posts are in, and they disappear once I’ve read them. Probably not In the software, I’d imagine.

What I do is, if I want to revisit a post that had been unread, I go to,the Latest category and can find it there.

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I have the same trouble.

You can always go to the bottom and change the (don’t know what to call it) status from “normal” to “tracking”. That way it shows up in your feed as if you have replied to the post.

Just a work around idea.

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