Latest (meh) Greater Boston eats [Arlington, West Concord, Lexington, Lovejoy Wharf]

Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome weather and having a great holiday weekend.

We’ve been eating out but nothing to write home about, and yet I’m compelled to post. (Perhaps it’s because I’m supposed to be working this weekend.)

I made my very first pork tenderloin, which was pretty hilarious. I have almost no experience with cooking meat and it turns out that Spring Onion enjoys—in addition to hot dogs—burgers and certain cuts of pork. I bought a packaged-up raw chunk from TJ’s. The whole process made me nervous but the guys both enjoyed it for a taco night a few weeks ago.


Dinner one Friday evening in May at Sono Sushi. Not fancy, but it’s good enough for us, the staff is friendly, and generous wine pours. Plus, we can walk there!


We’ve had a couple of Sunday lunches at West Village Tavern in West Concord because Spring Onion has a class in Lincoln every other Sunday. The first—without SO after we dropped him off—was at the bar and was fun. Bartender was great, B’s chicken nachos were ridiculously big and good (I had a bite). My poke bowl was way too sweet. But it was a nice experience nevertheless. Second time, we went with SO before his class. It felt like amateur night. B got and liked the nachos again. SO liked his burger. My broccoli/Brussels/kale salad had only baby spinach. The crispy tofu that I supplemented with was decent but the whole thing was way over-dressed. Just not good. Service was earnest but clueless. SO has one more class next Sunday. Maybe we’ll try the bar again.




SO has a class after school in Lexington on Wednesdays. We’ve been doing various things to kill the time between school pickup and the extracurricular. Lately, we’ve been going to Bertucci’s in Lex Center—guess what? SO loves the pizza and the bread rolls. Remember those bread rolls?! I do and they’re still good. I’ve been getting the lentil soup (the bowl is huge), which I really like and a glass of rose. Last week, I got a loyalty account because we’re going there so frequently. Lol


Finally, today, I had to get away from the computer. We wanted something near a body of water that was not too far with easy parking. B has free parking at MGH on weekends, so we walked to Nightshift on Lovejoy Wharf. We’ve been there before a year or so ago and had an ok time. We ate inside because the patio has no shade. Impossible burger for me (pretty good but not sure it was $17.50 good). SO loved his burger. The Honky Tonk Detroit pizza (Nashville hot chicken, banana peppers) was meh. B gave me a bite - the crust needed more time in the oven, more soul. The toppings were too acidic/vinegary. The guys split a pretzel beforehand, which they liked, including the everything bagel topping dip. McDonalds-esque fries which even SO liked (he only recently starting eating French fries). Friendly service.




I have to work tomorrow but we need to do something. Maybe we’ll grab lunch out again?


I hate when dining out is less than we can do at home. Seems like such a waste of time and space.

Not sure what would be convenient but Lavash Grill in Cambridge is pretty good.

Sullivan’s on Castle Isle…probably very busy on Memorial Day though.

But really…go to Anju…whatever the wait!


@grumpyspatient I worked. :expressionless: