Late Night Snack in Oakland

Hello, everyone - first post on HO, but a somewhat avid user on FTC. I will be coming up to the East Bay for work next week. Probably going to take myself to Haven for an early dinner on Wednesday, but will be meeting family for a late-ish snack later on. Saw the post about Mua. Was wondering if there was some other options on the table. Not really looking for a full meal, per se. Just some nibbly things. Adesso looks promising on paper (still craving really good Italian cured meat from a trip earlier this year) as does Blind Tiger. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Adesso is a good choice. I particularly liked their coppa di testa if they still have it. If you’re interested in Korean food Dan Sung Sa and Oriental BBQ Chicken Town are open late. Despite the name the latter serves Korean Fried Chicken. For Chinese, looks like New Gold Medal in Oakland Chinatown is open until 2AM. Haven’t been there in ages but their jook’s pretty good. I also like Spices 3 in Oakland Chinatown which closes at 11.


Glad to have you here at Hungry Onion!

I agree with @Mr_Happy that Adesso is a good fit and is quite good.

If you weren’t coming from LA, I’d guide you to Dan Sung Sa (Korean soju bang and snacks) and Dragon Gate (Taiwanese snacks & Yakitori ).

I’d like to hear a food report about Blind Tiger— quite an eclectic menu and a fun space.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Mua, but I remember it as a loud warehouse space that was better as a stop on a progressive dinner or bar crawl, than a place to chill with friends. YMMV.

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La Marcha’s late-night happy hour, from 10 p.m.–midnight, is a great deal.

Blind Tiger has dollar oysters (among other specials) after 11.


FYI here is Luke’s writeup on La Marcha’s happy hour:

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Here’s a recent article: 23 Places to Dine Late Night in Oakland and Berkeley, from EaterSF. Plus a reminder to call ahead - you never know when hours are to change!

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you didn’t really say what ‘late night’ is…

hopscotch is really good on the late side, and you don’t feel rushed… but it is only 11.

mua is loud. it kind of quiets down around 10… but not a lot… but it is also very oakland.

home of chicken and waffles is not new school. it is open till 4.

call plum bar and find out what they are doing. they have excellent food cocktails and are chill but keep changing things up so it’s days to recommend them.

longbranch in Berkley if you like local beer. food is ok.

but… nothing against adesso.

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“Late” is probably 9-ish. Not into the wee hours, but certainly don’t want to be given the bum’s rush. These suggestions are fantastic. Thanks to all.

Thank you all for the tips. My business trip got postponed most likely to mid-August. I have bookmarked all of these places and will be sure to report back after I have visited.